Ramadan creates heaven on Iftar table

Ramadan creates heaven on Iftar table

To practice the Islamic teachings and regulations in every chore of life is our duty as a Muslim. Most of the students are enjoying the holidays nowadays, as they are also filling the requirements of Islamic pillar as Ramadan. Regarding the month of Ramadan many and almost all the preparations are done by our mothers and sisters, where we are just left with the option of keeping fast.

Many of the food items are mentioned in the Quran which would be served in the heaven. So why not to make this Ramadan a heavenly Ramadan with heaven foods item. We just need to pick the heavenly food items to prepare a dish for aftari and sehri. For this, you will be blessed with the bounty of marvelous food.

·       Blessing of Ramadan

·       Dining table with heavenly meal

Both the gender boys and girls can participate in such activities for preparing a beverage or sweet dish for iftar and sehri. The bounty fruits can also be served as fruit chaat or fruit salad in iftar or sehri.


As we all know the health benefits of milk which are unaccountable on number. Milk can also be served as shakes like mango shake, banana shake and many more this will help you to gain the lost energy as well as it will dominate the menu of iftar. You can also prepare a chill date shake. As both the ingredients are from heaven so try to comfort this Ramadan with the date shake.

"in them [both will be fruits, date palms and pomegranates" [Surah Al-Rahmaan 55:68]


Dates are the fruits that are available in jannah as it is considered a sacred fruit too. You can use the method below to have heavenly offering.


·       Dates: 20

·       Milk: 250 ml

·       1 pinch of Cinnamon

·       Ice cubes


·       Add milk and dates in the blender and

·       Blend both ingredients until it changes into a smoothie

·       Add ice cubes in the glass

·       Add pinch of cinnamon powder then serve it


Walnut trees are mentioned in the fruits of Jannah. You can also eat them through the praise of God. Everyone is familiar with these nuts benefits of health. So you can prepare an amazing dish in the iftar as a sweet dish renaming it Walnut Burfi.


·       Half cup of walnut with extra ¼ cup fot frying

·       ¼ cup of milk

·       250 grams Khoya

·       ¼ cup of sugar

·       1 tablespoon of ghee

·       ½ tablespoon of cardamom powder


·       Add ¼ cup of milk in ½  cup of walnuts

·       let it soak for 1 hour

·       to make coarse puree blender the soaked mixture

·       1 tablespoon ghee in wok must be heated

·       Cook by adding  ¼ remaining cup of walnut till it becomes golden

·       Drain out the ghee

·       Add khoya and sugar in the drained ghee

·       Add the walnut puree and mix well all the ingredients

·       Add cardamom poeder in fried walnuts

·       Spread the mixture in the greasy tray for half an hour








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