Questions need to be asked while working from home

The practice of providing work from home is increasing day by day a research has shown that the people who work from home are more punctual in regards of completing their assigned task on time and sending to the place from where he has received the order.

In a recent survey conducted by “World at Work” ninety seven percent of people said that they prefer working from home more than an office place because they believe that their level of productivity increases while working from home.

Jane Sunley CEO of Purple cubed an employ engagement company has provided a list of question that one needs to ask oneself when he is planning to work from home and when he is planning to change his work structures the question are;

Am I happy spending long period of time on my own? Am I self-disciplined and self-motivated? Am I comfortable communicating with my colleagues by ways of internet and phone calls? Am I confident working without supervision? Do I have a distraction free area at home?

If the answer to all above mentioned questions is yes then one further needs to take some steps in order to find out whether he is fit to continue working from home or not and to find out whether the work structure of working from home can promise him a kind of success that he wants in life.

For the very first step he needs to analyze his personality because some employees does not have a personality of working remotely, Scott Boyar, an associate professor in the Department of Management, Information Systems and Quantitative Methods at the University of Alabama at Birmingham once said; "An organization has a lot of responsibility when letting workers go virtual, but the employee carries a lot of it too,"

The importance of personality analysis is also emphasized by Sara Sutton founder and CEO of flexJobs "I recommend talking with other people who work from home regularly, to find out their perspective on what it's really like and what you can expect," said Sutton Fell. "Whether you know people in real life, search online for people's stories, or ask questions on sites like LinkedIn or Quora to gather people's opinions, try to get a good sense of what it's really like to work from home, and whether you're ready for it."

After analyzing one’s personality one needs to ask discuss with his boss the amount of works he will expect him today for home and what when he can take a break during a week because when someone is working from him the bosses usually think that he will be available for work even on weekends so one should discuss these things before handedly moreover he should also ask the boss that how will the kind of job will be proven beneficial for him as well as the company doing so will help you understand the nature of your job and its role in your personal growth as well as the role of the company.

You should also inquire in detail the demands of the employer for whom you will be available to work from home. Sometimes the employer wants you to work from both office and home under this condition you need to discuss with him the hours of the week that he requires you to work from home and the hours in which he wants you to work in office and negotiate with him the best hours of availability that you can provide to him and also negotiate your salary in accordance to the working hours that are finally decided between you and your employer.

Sutton fell describing the importance of working both in office and home said: "There are many benefits to working from both the home and the office," she added "In some ways, it gives you the best of both worlds, because at home, you get a quiet space that you can control to help you focus and dig deeply into projects and important work."

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