Quality time to spend during Ramadan

Quality time to spend during Ramadan

This is a real blessing Holy month dear students that is bestowed by the Allah Almighty in the name of Ramadan which will are going to spend the vacations of summer after your exams have completed. In such month you worship measurement is calculated double and the treasure of each and minimum blessing is doubled too if you worship with free minds and full sincerity. The month of summer vacation seems to be really hot this time as we are conquering towards Ramadan month, you are going to fast whole month whilst the weather outside is scorching with rays of agony. So this means that the outdoor activities in such month will be fitted to some extent.

It’s a hadith that, our Beloved Prophet (s.a.w.w) said:"... whoever fasts during Ramadan out of sincere faith and hoping to attain Allah's rewards, then all his past sins will be forgiven." (Imam Bukhari).

By implementing such hadith in your fasting days will find astonishing and thus you will enjoy these days with many indoor activities along with your 'Ibaadats'. Let's get over an idea how to make this Holy month really worth.

·        Ramadan preparation:

As few days are left for the holy month here you can make a schedule and list-to-do things for the month. You can go for some shopping for your summer clothes and if possible you may complete your Eid shopping before Ramadan to get save from panic in the last moments or days. Here you should help your parents in listing the daily menu and admire to assist them in the grocery and other household shopping. Make your room and house neat and tidy to welcome the spiritual month happily.

·        Recitation of Quran timings must be set:

Read with translation

Read Tafseer

Try to learn the Surah’s by heart

Keep an eye over the reward

Be determined to recite Quran on the daily fast in the month of Ramadan as I know that we made our life ourselves that busy for which we couldn’t take out 10 min to recite at least one to two pages daily of holy Quran, but in this month you get the opportunity to become punctual with the recitation of Quran in your daily routine rather Ramadan. The best suitable time for recitation is after Sehri or before Iftar. At least try to complete the recitation of one Quran this month.

·        Arrange the Sehri gatherings:

You can often get a great company and can be able to increase your knowledge through the spiritual and religious lectures by inviting friends and family members on sehri.

·        Be productive:

You can add some creative activities in your daily work after completing your daily chores. You can add article writing on the addiction and let them posted on blogs online. You can do some short courses too over the graphic designing, cooking or any technical course etc. You can get command over such courses by checking in online.

·        Overcome your weak areas:

This the best time to come over your weak points. Practice your weak points. For example, likewise, for mathematics, you can play a math game on the computer or other devices. Maintain your body do exercise and eat healthy food to bring you that charm back on your face that you lost in exam days.

·        Attend lectures of religious sessions:

Many 'Dars-e-Quran' gathering session in Ramadan takes place around every area. So you can attend them for learning the Quran with meaning or translation.

·        Teach poor or illiterate people:

The best supreme idea is to teach the illiterate people kids with religious terms and to enhance their knowledge related to Islam.

·        Be a volunteer this Ramadan:

Join as a volunteer in any charitable organisation that is opened for voluntary service providers. This will really help you to gain the blessing of Allah as well as the certificate will also help you in admissions and another hiring.

·        Attend Iftar parties:

Iftar or Iftar party is one of the most exciting features of Ramadan schedule as you will meet your friends and enjoy mouth -watering meals on Iftar. Do also distribute iftar for the masjid attendees or to any needy.

·        Pray Taraweeh regularly:

Attend regular Taraweeh in masjid as this opportunity is only inhaled in the month of Ramadan. It is better for girls to offer Prayer at home but they also can join the Taraweeh held for women.

There are also many other ways to spend this valuable time but worshiping in such month makes the reward double. So better to spend most of the hours in prayers. Also, try to pray Tahajjud regularly and don't harm anybody with your tongue and deeds.

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