Qualities of an outstanding employee

Back in the old days it was much easier to be an outstanding employee. You only had to follow the timings at work, work hard and be cordial to the people at work and avoid the chances of breaking rules at work.

But the entire working world has changed spectacularly since then. Nowadays one is required to bend and flex at work to get the job done. Where one has no choice other than juggling priorities and approaches from time to time.

One is expected to have a complete knowledge of organization he works for and to keep an eye on the world outside our cubicle walls and keep asking ourselves that "What do I want from my career?"

Back in the time great employees were expected to be dutiful, loyal and easy to please. They had an incorporated habit to work hard without complaining which was considered to be a sole principle to succeed at that time but the game has totally changed for the employees of new era.

They are expected to be a lot more than a loyal, dutiful and punctual, they are expected to be proactive and prompt and have a lot more than the required cognizance for the procedures and processes of their job, they are also judged on their ability of bringing innovations in the work process of the office.

An outstanding employee always keep his eyes open to his surroundings and stay aware of the activities being performed around him and by way of their observation they integrate their learning of the methods in which the job is to be performed.

The employee knows the importance of communication skills and manages great relationships with people both inside and outside the work place. They have an ability to be a team player and have an enthusiasm of taking the team with them promoting the healthy working environment motivating other team members to work better.

The next ability which is present in an outstanding employee is the ability to anticipate work problems and find a solution for them promptly they are expected to be proactive rather than being reactive.

These employees keep a personal career plan or direction in mind. They don't assume that their employer to manage their career for them and take a front position in managing their own career.

The Great employees address the conflict rather than avoiding it, however the address the conflict and problem without placing blame on their colleagues and people at work and simply don’t  apologize just to keep the peace at work place and most importantly an outstanding employee ask for help whenever he need.

Outstanding employees do not rely on their educational credentials, job title or honors bestowed on them. They are always open to new ideas and approaches and they have capability of sharing their own thoughts about the work process with the people working with them without bragging about themselves.

Last but not the least excellent employees are coaches and mentors to people around them, they don't take the view that knowledge is power and are generous with their knowledge, ideas and wisdom. They have a complete understanding of the fact that knowledge is only power when it is shared with others.

Any of us can be an excellent employee by developing small professional habits and by allowing oneself to be molded by the changing patterns of work by the time.

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