Corporal paddling punishment proves uprooting problematic Impact over students in schools

Corporal paddling punishment proves to uproot problematic Impact over students in schools

To improve the education in public we must stop paddling children in schools. Which is now has gone viral in from the past to present years. Almost every week or twice in a month we came across many cases related to the corporal punishment to students. I don’t understand that why the teachers of nowadays are found with a sack filled with frustration. It’s now become a tradition of our country that the schools in Pakistan are found of such demolishing effect of punishment cases.

There are countless cases to remember over the collision of unkind mishap. Let me make you count some of them by giving foster examples.

·       Ali Meezan, 10, a student of Grade V in a public school at Batapur, forgot his mathematics’ notebook at home and his teacher severely punished him with a stick. Now, he is afraid of going to school.

·       A nine-year-old student from a local madrassa in Johar Town, Lahore, Sohaib Maqsood said that he was beaten by Qari Sahib (teacher for Quran Studies) quite often for various reasons such as being late at the madrassa, not learning his lesson, playing around and for not cleaning the madrassa. He said that he had told his parents about it several times but they did nothing.

·       Eight-year-old Iqra resumed schooling in Peshawar after a two-week gap. Now she is at a new school, quitting the previous one after she was brutally beaten by a teacher for failing to obtain what the teacher deemed good marks in a test.

Unlike these examples of such brutally attacked cases within the premises of the school, there are thousands of cases that are being filed against the teachers and schools in all over the schools. I mean how anyone could behave bitterly than animals attack by letting the soft soul paralysed and fill with unforgettable refilled wounds, on the basis of little and not so sure hypocritical reasons.

According to the campaign launched by Ali Ailaan, over 70 per cent of teachers in Pakistan agree with the statement that corporal punishment is useful. I mean how Paddling can send children the right message. Instead, it reinforces the idea that being violent goes against what we have been teaching students for years in schools.

So this perspective shows that how teachers are degrading their name in a falsified manner in the eyes of students.

But when drop an eye over the teacher's circumstances of such demolishing measurements then we came to realise that hamper a teachers’ ability to perform effectively are multi-grade teaching, overcrowded classrooms, lack of facilities, poor quality textbooks and equipment. For the teachers of government schools, non-teaching duties are a major concern. Teachers in the survey affirm that average 53 days are spent on non-teaching duties in a year.

After all this falsified and useless punishment the things that let the student effect are discussed below:

·       Embarrassment for students:

When the students are punished by teachers in front of their friends and fellow it lower their self-esteem and they get bombarding in their inner self that effects ironically on the personality of a student.

·       Depression all arose:

Students are literally moved toward depression when they are made ashamed in front of the whole classroom. This happens as to take place as a nightmare in their life that makes them feel not comfortable to go to the school and to face the teacher and fellows making fun. Here they are towards depression when they are being punished from both sides from parents and by teachers. So parents should take a step here to make their child comfortable with the discussion or the bitter reality they are facing in such age and for sure they should take a step here that is to talk with the teacher about their child consideration commitments. 

·       Psychological fear:

Due to such non-formal attitude students develop hypertensions and sometimes get traumatised for which they should be taken to the psychiatrist to prevail their fear of going to school and use of mishap. 

Such non-materialistic behaviour of teachers must be astonished and thrown out so students could realise again that teachers didn’t treat them harshly, and they should go to school.

As the education department had already banned corporal punishment in schools and awarded punishment to teachers under the rules is one of the great step taken by the government.

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