Problems you face when you go Abroad for Studies

Every year thousands of students go abroad for higher studies with a dream of fulfilling their educational and learning needs. Everything seems so beautiful and perfect about the western countries but it is actually a mirage which is far from the reality because life is harder and faster in those countries. A Pakistani born student does not face the problems which he has to face abroad. We take many things “for granted” while living in our home country but “other countries” give us the true lesson which we have to take and walk with.

Here are the problems which Pakistani students face while living and studying abroad.

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You might have heard this term in social studies because this is what we are to the westerners. There is always a sense of strangeness present in Pakistani students because it takes a lot of time to fit in the culture and people. Students from Pakistan are less in number as compared to Indian and Chinese students who are in a huge number making their own community. If you’re planning to study abroad, prepare yourself mentally to face these problems.

Language Difference

Doesn’t matter how fluent and proficient your English is, because you’re going to face the language problem. If you’ve got 7 bands in ILETS, still communicating with native speakers and expressing your thoughts will not be smooth job to do. You’ve been speaking Urdu, Punjabi or other regional languages in Pakistan but now you have to live among completely different language speakers, which is a bit hard.

Cultural Differences

We live in an oriental society where we have our own cultural norms but west is quite different from us, culturally. A Pakistani student fails to understand the limits, dressing and basic socializing ways. It is quite important to understand the differences and adjusting yourself according to it.

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Currency Differences

 We try to convert the price of every item purchased, into Pakistani rupees. In the beginning, students face problems and keep on converting the price. This conversion keeps the students unnecessarily busy.


You’ll miss your desi food a lot. But here the problem is not finding Pakistani food but finding Halal food is a real struggle. Globalization has made it easier to find Halal food but still you’ll have to be extremely careful and sure about what you’re about to eat.

Financial and Academic Pressure

Most of Pakistanis belong to middle class families and study abroad on a scholarship. Having no tuition fee will still get you into financial problems and you’ll have to find a job to support yourself. Managing your studies with a job will be again a great challenge. Family expectations are meant to be met and this struggle is quite real.

These problems are obvious if you are going abroad but standing tall against all hurdles and obstacles is quite necessary. The days which break you are the days which actually make you.


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