Problems faced by students in Pakistan

Problems faced by students in Pakistan

When we reflect the word problem than spontaneously we come up with the sack filled with packages enrolled as problems and issues.

If I make you count the problems that are being faced by students within Pakistan are numerous, as they are financial crises, co-education, disability, illiteracy, lack of resources, lack of infrastructure, commercialization of schools, qualitative syllabus, teacher expertise and much more to concern.

We know that the life of a student must be filled with a charm factory of memory so that they can illustrate their life with the gigantic exposure of sophisticated life. But wait, what about the problem..! How can we forget to discuss it here? OK! Here are some of the philanthropic problem that is measured and faced in the life of students.

·       Financial crises:

This is one of the worst problems which is not letting the sparkling students shine like a ray in their life. Just because the gateway is closed for them by the blunder of expenses. They should be encouraged in the field through the resource of governmental funds.

·       Co-education:

Co-education is also one of the hurdles in the scenario of education. In the meaningful life the blooming stars in most regarding the lower or middle-class family they don’t allow their children to have an education where there is the combinational Institute of both the genders.

·       Qualitative syllabus:

The school is the base of knowledge and thus the knowledge is passed out through books. In Pakistan, we lack the right of equality in many means and exact in means of books knowledge too. For example, in elementary schools, most of the schools are under the inspection of government, yet I’m not complaining about government but here my means are that in most government schools the medium of education is Urdu which latter in primary and tertiary level found difficult for the students to cope within their field. Here we need to take a general and possessive step in which there should be the equality of distributed knowledge with the quality to merge the subsidy among the students. For which it is important to have a qualitative syllabus.

·       Illiteracy:

Illiteracy is one of the biggest issues that is being faced by Pakistan. No doubt that the rate of education is measured for established and developed country. Though, as ancestors are known for the hub of education and our hub in that way is not much strength to stand as the rated country of education. These things make us feel proud less over the rate of illiteracy.

·       Commercialization of schools:

We have seen probably in every narrow street that the private schools are been opened to fill the gap of illiteracy rate of Pakistan. But you know, that these schools are just opened to fill the sack of money and to commercialise their name owing to the institution over the credibility of education. Which is almost the rampage of education? They are just hiring students for their means and money, whereas playing the role of the school mafia.

·       Abundance of Expert teachers:

The role of commercialised school plays the unfortunate melody by rupturing the abundance of expert teachers. The schools are hiring teacher with the less knowledge and degree that is demolishing the constitution of perception.

So these are the hypocritical points that should be recovered to facilitate the manoeuvre education. In such mean, so it can provide privileged to the students facing such problems regarding education.




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