Physiotherapy in Sciatic Patient

Written by: Hira Tabeer (DPT)

I have started series of articles creating awareness about Physiotherapy field so in continuation of my previous article Physiotherapy in Special child now I am writing about the treatment of lower back pain due to sciatica through physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy can treat lower back pain that is caused due to sciatica. Sciatica is the major deformity of low back. Allah has made human body with 33 vertebrae. Our spinal cord is 45 cm long. When nerve impingement occurs at L3, L4, L5 there is a sharp radiating pain all the way to leg that causes numbness and tingling sensation. Disc herniation also causes sciatica. Now due to heavy weight lifting, sudden trauma, wrong posture people can suffer from sciatica.

Many people will not believe that this disease can be cured by PHYSIOTHERAPY. We do postural alignments. Correct technique with right guidelines can improve the posture.

There are many exercises like SLR in which sciatica patient has to raise leg. Patient feels pain in initial sessions but starts getting relief after some days.

I have observed many cases in which a lady with sciatica was not able to stand for few minutes then she recovered well after our physiotherapy sessions.

We reduce pain with help of modalities like infrared radiations, hot packs and Tenz therapy.

We initiate nerve sensations to areas like legs, lower back and strengthen their muscles by our treatment.

Bridging exercise could be very beneficial for sciatic patients because they feel relief in it.

Figure 4 stretch would be given if piriformis gets involved.

Pelvic bridging exercises strengthen the abdominals and improve the health condition of sciatic patient.

Ankle pumps improve blood flow to legs as due to bed rest edema develops.

Trigger point release of sciatic patient would be appropriate.

Adductor and abductor stretching is performed.

Hamstring and gluteal stretch is also given.

Knee to chest exercise.

So if you are suffering from sciatica you should consult a PT because life gets better when we adapt healthy habits and through physiotherapy stress levels due to sciatic pain is also reduced so in sciatica exercise improves healing process.

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