PEEF Scholarships

The Motive of PEEF

PEEF is the initiative of Punjab Government. Punjab Educational Endowment Fund was established in 2009. The primary motive of establishing PEEF is to facilitate the students of Pakistan. It provides the opportunity to the needy but brilliant students to fulfill the dream of completing education. PEEF takes every special measure to ensure the facilitation of students. it is done to become an active participant of the sustainable development of Pakistan.

The situation of poverty is alarming in Pakistan. In the race to of survival, the poor community gives preference to food and shelter over education. Poverty is one of the biggest hurdles for students to complete studies. Mostly students from destitute families quit studies after school due to money menace. The financial shortage has shed the dreams of hundreds to students who are forced to work as labor for the bread and butter of their families.

Scholarship Awards

The Punjab government has realized that the students are dropping out of institutions due to unavailability of finance for education. The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund was found as the solution to curb this situation. Although it cannot resolve the issue completely it has helped thousands of students to complete the education through funds provided by it. Until now it has awarded more than 350,000 scholarships to the students throughout Pakistan.

Scholarships for the other Provinces

The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund not only provides scholarships to the students of Punjab but it has expanded its horizon for other provinces as well. Now the students of Federal Capital, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa, Balochistan and Gilgit Baltistan can also apply for the scholarships awards for the completion of their educational journey. Moreover, PEEF also facilitates the students of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

The scholarships are awarded from intermediate to Ph.D. level. Every year PEEF announces the scholarships for Intermediate program, Bachelors program, Masters Program, M.Phil program, and Ph.D. program. PEEF not only sponsor the education in the institutes of Pakistan but is also provides scholarships for the highly recognized educational institutions of foreign states.

Scholarships for Private institutions

Unlike other government and non-government organizations, PEEF provides the scholarships to the needy students of both Public and Private institutions. Mostly. Such scholarship programs are only introduced for the students enrolled in government educational institutions. However, PEEF allows the students of private universities to apply for the scholarships.

Recent Scholarship for Ph.D. Scholarships

The scholarships from PEEF start from the beginning of the year. Recently, PEEF has opened scholarships for the Ph.D. students. The Ph.D. scholars who have applied for the admission in one of the top 50 Universities according to QS rating then you can apply for the scholarship. The procedure is available at the official website of the PEEF.

The students from all levels and all institutions under financial menace must keep a check on the official website of PEEF as it opens scholarships for the students throughout the year. The advertisement is also published in all big newspapers for the news to spread. PEEF is an encourageable initiative of Punjab Government. The students from all over Pakistan can avail this opportunity. The Ph.D. scholarship application is open from January 2019 to April 2019. However, it is better to send the application in early dates so that you can complete the procedure in time.

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