Paying for education is just not enough

“Education begins at home and I applaud the parents who recognize that they - not someone else - must take responsibility to assure that their children are well educated” is one of the most meaningful quotes of an American Politician Ernest Istook emphasizing on a role of parents in the education of their child.

Parents having a conservative mind think that all of the responsibility of their child’s education comes on the shoulder of their teacher and their educational institute and all they are responsible for is providing for their fee and accessories.

Thinking of those parents is true to the extent of accommodating a child with accessories for school like books, stationary etc, as a student who comes to school without accessories and look for others to accommodate him often deviates from what being taught in class in order to manage for an extra pencil or notebook from his class fellows.

However it is not just accessories and a handsome amount of fee that their children requires from their parents they also requires a number of other things that are important for their personality building and traits. It is the responsibility of parents that along with nourishing the body of the child also nourish his mind as the basic learning of child begins at home.

A child develop his sense of aesthetics and understanding from the very first day of his life that is why he responds to the bright colors and weeps in the dark he smiles on lullaby and start weeping on a startling sound. Right from the time of entering parenthood it becomes the responsibility of the parent to realize the importance of working on their child’s personality building by practicing the best in front of their child as it is only in the hands of parents to raise an optimistic or pessimistic person in the end.

Situations like this often happen in a parent teacher meeting when parents peevishly inquire about behavior of their child and asking a teacher to fix the particular behavior that is disturbing for them or ask the teacher to work on language skills of a child without realizing that its only a few hours a day that a child spends with his teacher and the rest of their time is spent at home and it is only in the hands of parents to let that time be used for the best or worse of their child.

Stories that are told to them by their parents and shows that they watch with their parents has an impact on their lives so parents must take their time out to read stories to their child and watching shows with them but they must choose what to read and show to their child carefully if you tell your child stories based on generosity he will become a generous person if you watch the educational shows with him on television it will further develop his interest towards education.

Parents expects a lot from the teacher of their children these days without realizing that because of their attitude of getting what they are paying towards a teacher slowly making a teacher less venerated that further pushes him to see his noble work just as a lucrative career.

Parents do not see that unlike old days teachers are bounded by some limitations these days, at teacher surely knows traits of all students he knows the one mocks others, the one who is cleverer than others, the one who is shy, the one who is naughty, they recognize their names and their faces they see them growing they notice when their cheeks begin to blush in different tone of pinks and when it begins to fade away and all this about his students he works in his own capacity for the betterment of a student but he cannot fill for the responsibilities of parents as it is both parents and teacher who can work hand in hand to produce a better individual.

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