Passed Matric Exams? Now you have lot of degree courses for your Intermediate Level

We congratulation you on the pass of Matriculation examination. Mostly students face the issue of selection of next class, which degree should be choose. If you are one of the student among then don’t worry we will help you to choosing the right degree and also we will explain its career opportunities via the inter degree which you selected.

Science Subject Courses

Did you pass your matric exam with the science subject then obviously you want to proceed in this field, you will start will intermediate level with science subjects, there are many option in science subjects at intermediate level. Most commonly there are two types of science degree at intermediate level which are explain below.

1. FSc Pre Medical Degree

There are many career option for the student who study medical education. Everyone know medical study is not easy but some effort make you able to overcome this. If you are interested in medical field and want to continue your career in this, then you have to select Fsc pre medical course.

2. FSc Pre Engineering Degree

There is a huge engineering field in education sector. There are many options and variations in programs by the field of engineering technology. Students who like to study construction, mechanical, electrical fields they have to choose the fsc pre engineering degree, as it gives them the great opportunity on getting higher education level.

Arts Subject Courses

In education sector, art field has its own value. If you have done your matric with the arts subject then you can continue your study with arts subject.

1. FA Degree

It is the most common degree. This degree allow the student to choose the subject of their own choice and interest. All the subjects of this course are related to the arts field.

2. I.Com Degree

This degree is related to commerce and banking field. Students who are interest and like to continue their career in finance, banking and business related organization then they have to choose the icom degree.

3. ICS Degree

We are living in information technology era. Students who want to study information technology and computer programing then they have choose the ics degree. This degree does not require the matriculation in science subject, you can get involve if you have also done in arts.

4. ACCA Degree

This degree option is for those students who are interested in business or commerce related organizations and want to become accountant, then ACCA degree is best option for them.

Diploma Courses

Pakistan is not too much rich country. Student pass their matric exam and intermediate level they face financial problem to continue their study. Every student not get scholarships for the study. Also every student is not much intelligent or brilliant in studies. Though, there is some sort of education for like such students who not secure got marks in matric exams. So, in such case there is question arise what to do in this scenario? What is the best option for this? So, we bring a solution for the problem of student who face issue likes these question. There is a great option of diploma and vocational education for this.

1. Medical Technology Degree

This is the best degree if you want to continue your career in hospital and medical laboratories as a medical assistant / helper.

2. Diploma of Associate Engineering DAE

If you are interested in Mechanical, Technical organization and want to work with them then this degree give you option to join them as assistant / helper.

3. Computer Diplomas

There are vast variety of computer degrees which need huge expenses and high grades in matric examinations. Every student cannot afford all these, so they can do different diploma courses of computer and then they can start their career and computer operator of information technology assistant in IT sectors.

4. Technical Training Programs

If you want to earn degree of technical training and continue you career in such regard organization then its blessing for the student that our Government have created the institutes where these course are offered at very reasonable fees and needy student also can join them.


Education is basic need for each human on the earth. If we want to survive with good and make us able to compete today world problems and hurdles then education is must. We have to take and involve in good education degree or course so that we can face each difficulty easily.

For all of this we have to be educated. So there are several study options for the students after passing matric examination. Either you are brilliant, average or poor student in studies it does not matter, main concept is that in which field you are interested. You must first select your goal of future then review your financial support then you select your degree. But you have to be good in education if you are poor in education then it’s a very big hurdle in higher education and for you future. A student with less marks in matriculation examination is consider as low level student. Today there is a race among students in education sector. Each one want to take high scores in exams. Brilliant students also get the opportunities of financial aids and scholarships options from various departments and organization, these helps reduce their financial burden.

So first, study well, pursue good marks in your class examinations, and then decide what you want, in the end select the course or degree which fulfill are these requirement. We hope our career selection guide will help for your bright future. Good luck.

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