Parents, The unconditional blessing of Allah

By Farzeen Amin

We take birth in the world as little, weak and fragile. We open our eyes to the world we are not familiar with. The people around us seem alien and foreign. In the crowd of people standing and celebrating our birth we recognize the scent and touch of only one woman, our mother. We look in her eyes and the smile on her face; we know that we belong to her. A man who takes every measure to keep the child safe from every thick and thin is our father. Parents pamper the child with their love and warmth. They keep us in a protected shield from every harmful situation. They teach us our first gesture and our first words. They teach us how to sit, how to stand and how to take the first step. Our mothers and fathers work day and night to provide a comfortable life for us. Unfortunately in the competition of gaining more and getting bigger our respect, love and feeling towards our parents have become less and smaller.

The increasing number of old houses in Pakistan is the evidence of how there is no space in our big houses for a man who has always worked as our shield and for a women who breaded us inside her body. Fathers are usually taken as a strict figure of the house. He has tough ways to teach you how this world works. He scolds you to become better so you don’t get scolded by the harsh realities of the world in future. Our fathers help us become firm and strong by his own ways. He is our role model and as a child we always want to grow up to be like our father. Behind his tough looks there is a man who struggles from day to night to earn better incomes so that their children are provided with every necessity, comfort and luxury. Even in the old age when they cannot take the hectic routines they do not stop working for the sake of their children. The love of a father is unconditional for the children.

It is said that the heaven lies under the feet of your mother. Mothers shower their love on us throughout our life. She feeds us to become stronger. Mother’s whole life is devoted to enrichment of her children. She cooks delicious food every day so that we can eat a full belly. She makes small bites for you and talks to you when you come back from school to know every little detail about your day. She cleans for you so you can stay healthy. Despite her hectic routine she plays with you she listens to every demand you make and she becomes part of every dream you see. Mothers have the responsibility of groom a child so she pretends to be strict with you. She scolds you on your mistakes but later your mother will always come up with techniques to cheer you up. Mother’s love and her efforts cannot be explained in words.

We, all of us as individuals, we grow up, our hands and feet grow bigger but somehow our hearts grow smaller for our parents. We forget how our parents have grown us up into a big person. We start to take our parents for granted. We get lost in our personal lives, practical professional lives and social lives. We do not talk to our parents on lunch and dinner tables. We do not ask our parents how their day was. We get irritated with their questions and slowly they start staying quite. How horrible that silence must be. Our parents starve for our attention. They live with us but we have created two different worlds, one that we live in and the other where they live. The competitive life style makes us tired and agitated at the end of the day. We use harsh words and tones with our parents, slowly they also get used to of it but we should never forget that our parents did not teach us our first words so we shout at them.

Imagine! How small and powerless you were at the time of your birth. Imagine if you were not taken care by your parents. Now just think of all the people who could not have the blessing to live with their parents. Realize where ever you are right now is because Allah has blessed you with your parents. Your parents deserve more than you are doing for them as they did more than what was enough for us. Our parents need our time, care, respect and love the most.

There can be no words to justify with the life long struggle our parents have done for our sake. It is a reminder to look back and be thankful .Today when you get back home, look at them with a smile. Let’s value the efforts of our parents. You don’t need mother’s and father’s day to tell them how much you love them. No matter if you are 14 or 40 years old, take a minute to show that you care for them too. Let’s share our meals with them. Let’s ask them how their day was going. Let’s share jokes with them. Let’s laugh and smile with them.  Cherish every time you can spend with them as they are the ultimate blessing of Allah.


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