Pakistan top 5 beautiful Hill stations to visit this summer

Pakistan top 5 beautiful Hill stations to visit this summer

In the scorching summer you just need a break of cold breeze to fascinate you in keeping your mind calm. So here we go for some of the most recommended hilly stations in Pakistan that are worth seeing and in another words these stations are just the reflection of paradise on earth.

These hill stations venerates tourism spectacularly with epoch. Such places are the exquisite thirst for anyone eyes as the temperature of these places are also different than the region we live in and are simply known for their natural beauty. Some of the hilly mountain plain ranges are frequently discuss below which will make you already visit to these ever beautiful places.


Murree is one of the renowned and famous hill station which is crowned as head of Pakistan. It is one of the biggest hill station in term of land and it offers much amenities to the visiting people. In regarding the best some people consider it not best because it has now just converted into a congested town with multiple buildings.

During winter season this station seems like a white carpet posh covered with snow that let the people heart wreck to move towards the beauty covered in town. The snowfall abandons the people to the craze and letting to amuse the versatile sites with enjoying phase. Places in Murree like Kashmir Point, Pindi Point, Mall Road, Jigha gali, lower topaz are worth seeing in such season and in summer season too.


One of the highest peak found in Hindu Kush ranges is Tirich Mir. This peak has its own influencing beauty for the tourist to inhale nature. Chitral is basically a small hilly area or a town that leaves the tourist eyes capturing it beauty in a speechless manner. In these summer you just need to grab some foodies in the travelling route and some hot clothes to reappear and a journey towards Chitral. A single street with lots of shops with all necessity of life a lodge of hotel can provide any tourist its services to make them stay. Chitral Fort, Jami Masjid and the Palace of Mehtar are the enticing places in Chitral.


Hunza is one of the most famous and popular attraction towards tourism which make the tourist all over the world to captivate the beauty of Pakistan in their dazzling eyes. The most astonishing mountainous town is sited in Gilgit-Baltistan which let the travelers or tourists breathless especially when they get the spot of glimpse from Diran Base Camp, Rakaposhi Base Camp, Khunjrab Pass, Nagar Valley, Gulmit and Hoper Glacier.

Malam Jabba:

Malam Jabba is one of the Beautiful Hill Station that rest above the fast flowing river in the region of Karakoram Mountain Range. The Buddhist monuments presence for over 2000 years indicates that the area is inhabited. This hill station is renowned for trekking trail that pases through Sabonev Valley, Shangla Top, and Ghorband Valley.


New Murree or Patriata are the same hill stations known for its marvelous greenery. The beauty of this station is mesmerize more in summer. How I forget to mention the cable car ride. That let you endure with the debt of its equipped green nature beauty.






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