Our everyday habits that put us in danger

Life is the greatest blessing of God yet it can be taken from us anywhere anytime. The world is full of dangers where there are horrendous attacks and bombing threatening our lives there are some other life threatening dangers also that are created by us.

Laws are made to be followed yet many of us do not consider it important to oblige with the laws of the state especially when it comes to the traffic laws. Breaking traffic laws put us in the biggest of all dangers. In the third world country like ours where the news reports a tragic accident or a road disaster every day the vitality of following traffic rules cannot be ignored.

In a country where everyone is addicted to his technological device the law regarding use of mobile phones while driving is completely ignored while having a conversation on their phones one become ignorant of his surroundings and in a period shorter than a second he can lose his life,

One more law that is frequently broken is the law of following traffic signals the person who is driving has a duty to stop at red signal and move at the green one unfortunately the quality of check and balance of the traffic rules in our country is not up to mark, many traffic signals are not functional and availability of traffic sergeants is lesser than required.

We often ignore no smoking signs in restaurants and public parks which is less threatening to life than ignoring a no smoking sign at fuel station. The precautionary signs are visible to our sight at every fuel station and we all are aware of the atmosphere around the fuel station contains vapours and fumes of the fuel being used in the station and a minor mistake made by us can cause a massive fire explosion and become responsible for taking many lives.

According to a report it is highly possible that the recent unfortunate incident of oil tanker where a fire explosion has taken many lives was caused due to a cigarette. The addiction of cigarette takes over the senses of the person and even after having all the knowledge regarding hazards that can be caused by cigarette one cannot restrict himself from smoking.

There are number of other traffic rules which are frequently being ignored by people which includes wearing seat belt while driving and a helmet while riding on a bike the helmet should be made compulsory for all the people who rides bike usually the person who drives the bike only wears helmet and the person sitting with him on the bike have the ride without ant precautionary measures. One should also get his vehicle checked every now and then keeping the rule of safety first in mind.

One should not ignore the importance of side mirrors while driving and if one of the mirrors is broken than one should get it repaired as soon as possible.

The above mentioned are those things which can be controlled by the law of the state but there are habits that put us in danger of life and reputation everyday but can be controlled only by us we should never let us fall prey to the life taking anxiety and depression we should get it treated at very initial stage. This week a very popular singer Chester Bannington who has all the things one could desire for has committed suicide out of depression he was rich, famous, handsome and talented yet he fell prey to the life taking disorder and left his family friends and fans in sorrow.

The over sharing on social media without a suitable privacy policy is threatening to life as well as reputation many has taken their life because of a social media disaster happened to them.

We often blame the state whenever an unfortunate incident occurs but we need to have an understanding that it is not only the state or the laws which are responsible for providing us with safety it’s the man himself who is primarily responsible for keeping himself safe and one should always cherish each and every moment of his life because all we have is one life to live.


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