Obama, The Change US Believed in

By Farzeen Amin

History is the actually a story, his story, her story, yours and mine story. Our history goes in a monotonous patterns but every history gets to have twists and turns that change the conventional into extraordinary. It is not the situations that bring change but the people that become the reason for major twists in the plots of life. People that change the course of our lives and high light the issues we are scared to talk about become leaders, world’s leaders. Abraham Lincoln became not just the leader of US states but the hearts of people by putting a full stop to the slavery of African Americans. He could end the slavery on pages but his assassination proved that the slavery still existed in orthodox mindsets of people. Looking at the history of US presidents and so called leaders, we find it completely white washed expect for one colored block in the tall white wall.  Barak Obama the only black president became the twist in the history carrying the slogan of ‘Change’.

Barak Hussein Obama was born in 1961 at a beautiful place, Hawaii. Barak got birth to a family of mixed racial parents. Obama’s father Obama Senior was a Kenyan black man with Muslim ancestors where as his mother Ann Durham was a white Christian woman from Kansas. The marriage of Obama’s parents could not last long as they got divorced when Obama was only 2 years old. He spent his life with his mother who later married to an Indonesian man.  Obama’s life was never ordinary from the birth until being the first Black president in the history of United of America.

Barak Obama graduated in law from University of Columbia in 1983 and started professional life as a professor in the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. He remained US Illinois senator from 2005 to 2008. In 2008 he was nominated for the president of United States from the Democratic Party. Obama first defeated Hillary Clinton the second nominee from Democratic Party and later he defeated republic party to become the 44th president of US. Obama lead the election campaign with the slogan ‘Change we believe in’. Obama delivered the most energetic and magnificent speeches that captured the attention of great masses. Obama’s words became the fruits for thought and talk of the town leading into is Victory.

Obama became the POTUS in January 2009 and remained in the office till January 2017. In his two terms of presidency in office Obama brought some major changes in the policies. He believed that US must minimize its involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq. The forces were called back from Iraq and the number of troops in Afghanistan was minimized. Obama also introduced Obama Care which was a patient protection bill for affordable treatment. Other major reforms included Tax relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization act, Don’t ask don’t Tell Repeal Act, Job creation act etc. In his second term Obama came on the surface with the slogan Together we can, which was a huge success. During the second term he focused to change laws on Gun control and he also legalized homosexual marriage in all states of US. Obama also preached to end Islamophobia in US.

Obama had a very charismatic personality he was very humble a a person, sided with the first lady Michelle Obama they were a power packed couple leading US. Obama had published two books that received great response, audacity of hope and dreams from my Father. Audacity of hope narrates his political journey of how he reached to the president’s chair where as Dreams from my father is about his life and how his father’s letters effected his decisions of life. It is an emotional book about the bonding between a man and his father. Obama has become an exemplary figure as the leader. He lived and extra ordinary life, he believed that ‘Change’ can be brought and he believed ‘Together we could bring it’.

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