No legislation for the age limit of Education

No legislation for the age limit of Education

Means of knowledge enlightens your inner soul. Education has become a fashion in this era. Here my word fashion is not sarcasm education but rebuilding it in a sense that our world has taken it to the next level. That is we all are judged on the specific recipe of education. Everyone wants to rush towards education for some mean by not gaining the perception of knowledge. You are judged when you wear clothes according to the in or out fashion. Here I mean that the scenario of the world stops on the complexity of education.

There is a lot of difference between being educated and well-educated. In being educated one is visualized to participate authentically with the norms and customs whereas I have seen well-educated just crucifying the label attached to their presence.

You can get an education in your life at any level. Sometimes people didn’t get the chance to get educated due to any sudden crises mostly financially, get married at very young age and sometimes they are the only bread earners to fulfill the thirst of their young ones.

Remember that you are born as an example for the other person. And you are not meaningless until you are alive. And in the race of machines, you are considered worthless, when you don’t know the use of the machine. You know for sometimes it gets hard to hear that you are now over age to do this work, like when we are about to choose any career we have some age limitations for choosing it until we reach that age. Let me tell you with examples, for joining an army the required age for hiring is from 22-24 years so if you have crossed the red zone of age then you are not accessible for applying this occupation. Likewise this, a candidate older than 27 years is not vulnerable to attempt the CSS exams.

According to me above are the idiotic folks that make the person incapable and heartache broken dream to learn in life. Sometimes people get disheartened just assuming that they are over age and now they are not vulnerable to learn more. Likewise, some of the people think that they won’t be able to get adjusted to the society or society will make fun when they reach the classroom.

So stop thinking about it, just went on to the edge to demolish the starvation of education and synthesize it until you get inspiration within yourself.

Instead of negative thinking, one should admire the chance of later life learning. Because we know that education leads toward success and if we think that getting educating at this would not be beneficial for anyone else but it would be for yourself.



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