Nick Vujicic; Evincing Disability as a Gift

Acceptance is the first step towards reaching the milestone of maturity. Not every soul engulfs the hardships of achieving this nearly impossible journey. Such a soul Nick Vujicic was born on 4th December 1982 in Melbourne, Australia with a very rare disorder “tetra-amelia syndrome” in which the person is deprived of having all four natural limbs. Nick Vijicic childhood was a bucket full of thorns as he faced struggles which were emotionally devastating, physically challenging and demanded a lot of mental toughness which in such early years of life are unimaginable suffering that a normal person is far from being anywhere near to understand it.

Being a man from passing through a great disability somehow he re-shaped his turmoil into optimism and hope. He proved the meaning and purpose of life while coping up with weary situations. All the bitter and harsh matters made him strong and more enthusiastic into his thoughts and aims. Vujicic present totally a different reflection of life through his motivational speeches that surrounds worldwide. His belief became strong day by day and accepts what God has bestowed upon him. Basically, the faith played a great role in the receipt of his disorder. For Nick the weakness has given him power of strength to accomplish even those phenomenal acts through which a potential man question at every step of life.

He got a firm belief on the willingness of heart that can overcome any malady. Nick through his different motivational discourse inspired many people on the moral of creating a miracle than to wait and question God on privations. Nick placed a strong argument that life without limbs is limitless as it is with having limbs; this special treatment is a gift for him from God. He never questioned his disability as a false reward but he treated himself as a healer towards this deficiency in his body. The speeches delivered to the audience globally proved his trading of inadequacy into a life full of meaning and purposeful. Moreover, through his choice of words he depicted his inner and external conflicts to set a wreath of hope, confidence, trying and acceptance.

Continue pushing forward in light of the fact that struggle is a force which thusly makes unforeseen open doors even for those human beings who are perfect with abilities and capabilities. The difficulties in our lives are there to fortify our feelings in a positive manner not there to led one escape from every misfortune and diversity. Regarding the power of his thoughts Nick says that agony is torment that will cause pain and give furtive glances in life but on the other hand it will also provide courage and confidence to move forward in life. For him the fear is the only element in life that is a dreadful and the greater inability than to incapacitate a person on a wheelchair. Further, the experience of his life led out an important component that every person is caught or trapped into diverse conditions which are somehow pointless and have particular absence of vision, absence of strength and inability. These elements require to challenge the failure factors and to make out wise to choices.

Nick Vujicic got influence with his disability and motivated others to get influence by him on his strong point and acceptance of life the way it is. The control is in humans whatever happens the response to the matters is regarded to the state of mind and perceiving attitudes of individuals.
He definitely never questioned his God, Nick portray his view that God grants abilities and talents to his creation. This is the perspective of humans to question over things and complain for having nothing. On the other hand it is in the chance or gift for humans to transcend whatever difficulties confront. His message towards the audience is to advise individuals to not surrender any way and keep on trying and accepts fate but not in term of failure. We at times sit tight for a supernatural occurrence to take place in life yet the marvel never occurs without struggle. In the words of Nick Vujicic numerous things were diverse in his life but embracing every worry and create his own self as a miracle for another person makes his life worth living. We all have stresses and weariness but to be hopeful and willing will help to grasp life’s purpose and concentrate on what is generally essential.

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