Newly Hatch Culture of Hatching

By Bisma Noor

The idea of happiness has been central in human lives from the very beginning of their existence. The search for it has remained inevitable. The conversion of this abstract concept into many other forms has also been continued accordingly. Sometimes, it is a human being in which one tries to materialize happiness and when not found, the object is inevitably changed but the search continues. Most of the time, the search rests itself in the materialistic objects but human appreciation is needed side by side. It is not to comment that all human beings are similar in trying to fill their lives with something which exhausts them. There are some who strive for peace and find it as it arises within themselves.

Doing something and then not being acknowledged is something human beings usually don’t bear. Now, with the change in time and advancement in age, Millennials do not demand appreciation for doing something in their lives but their concern is more major. They want appreciation for being born, only for being born.

It will be wrong to say that this culture of celebrating birthdays has been introduced by this generation and was not in execution before that. Its origins are traced back to Egyptians as there is a reference to Pharaoh’s birthday in Bible. Further, Greeks and Romans also had a trend of enjoying birthday parties. Thus, the tradition continuously being continued successfully brought itself to us and we did not disappoint it in anyway. Rather, we introduced in it more crispy ingredients and added chilly to it which can excite a birthday girl or boy from tip to toe. No matter how long the excitement stays and often the impact is quite temporary. Ancestors may have celebrated birthdays but poor souls remained in the dark and didn’t get the flavour of Pre-Birthday and Post-Birthday celebrations. The idea of enjoying the before and after of a day was what that did not suit them. However, millennials have properly invented it, tasted it and to wonder have made it a routine in their lives.

Many university, college and school students are found celebrating pre, post birthday parties. They spent a lot of time, energy and money for having a certain excitement in their own lives and in the lives of their friends. This temporary relief and escape from the brutal reality of their lives and the poor state of their nation give them a comfort and become that part of their lives where their birthday made them a queen or king and centre of attention for a day or most probably three to four days.

It can come to the reader’s mind that this trending notion of celebrating birthdays majorly belong to the elite class who surely has this much money and time to go for it but this is not so. Students from middle class are also found engaged in such activities where they go out of their way to arrange a birthday party for their friend because he or she will be happy. This way of making their friends happy is also a comment on the kind of friendship they are having among themselves as it rests on the weak notions of celebration which is immensely materialistic in nature and does not offer a mind much to grow and a soul much to nurture itself. The expectations thrown over a friend by another friend disturb both at mental level.

The point is not really to critique birthday parties but on every other social activity which does not let human beings live their major purpose of bringing positive change in the society. Such change in which all human beings can live in peace. A change which is much needed in Pakistani society as it needs leaders, leaders strong enough to eradicate hunger, corruption, poverty, and cruel terrorism from the society. There is a dire need to change concerns of this generation. Only being such a star who got several likes on one selfie on different social media apps is not enough. The try to be a star in someone’s life having in it the power to enlighten the surroundings is needed.

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