Most expensive universities in the world and their fees in rupees

Every student dreams of getting higher education in order to achieve his/her academic goals but the basic problem is of expenses which is the biggest hurdle for less privileged students. There are plenty of universities around the globe which offer scholarships and lesser tuition fee in order to pursue studies but there are some universities which are extremely expensive. The expenses of these universities are affordable only for the students belonging to rich class.

Here are the most expensive universities of the world according to their tuition fee.

 Stanford University, USA

Undergraduate: 17.5 Lac to 55 Lac

Postgraduate: 51 Lac to 58 Lac

Stanford University founded in 1885 is the most expensive university in the world and it is one the most prestigious university as well because of its nearness to the Silicon Valley. The university has produced a lot of billionaires, Turing Award laureates and astronauts.

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

Undergraduate and Postgraduate: 55 Lac

Founded in 1861, The Massachusetts Institute of Technology was established in response to the industrialization in the United States. The university has a long history of research in engineering and physical science. The university has proved itself as a prestigious institution in biology, economics, linguistics and management, in recent times.

The university has produced 85 Nobel Prize laureates, 45 Rhodes Scholars and 34 astronauts which prove it to be an intuition of quality despite its expenses.

California Institute of Technology (Caltech), USA

Undergraduate: 55 Lac

Postgraduate: 55 Lac

Founded in 1891 as a preparatory and vocational school California Institute of Technology has earned a reputation in the fields of science and technology. It has also earned name in the fields of technical arts, applied sciences and education.

University of Chicago, USA

Undergraduate: 60 Lac PKR

Postgraduate: 53 Lac PKR

Founded in 1891, University of Chicago has been one of the top ten universities of the world for a long period of time. It offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. This university has produced 91 Nobel Prize laureates which make it the fourth biggest university of producing Nobel Prize laureates.

Harvard University, USA

Undergraduate: 50 Lac PKR

Postgraduate: 12.5 Lac to 48 Lac

It is probably one of the most famous and prestigious universities of not only US but of the entire world. It is also the oldest university in the US and one of the oldest universities in the world as it was established in 1636. Harvard has a long history of producing the well known people across the globe including 8 American presidents, 62 existing billionaires, 359 Rhodes Scholars and 242 Marshall Scholars. The most famous case of Harvard is of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook who was dropped out.


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