Money making mobile apps

We live in a technological era where everything can be regulated by touching a button. More than ninety percent individuals living in the world possesses a mobile phone everywhere with them. In the old times mobile phones only used to receive a call and to send a short massage via short message service but with developing time mobile phones are also changing. They have become smart phones from cell phones and now they can provide you with a lot more than you expect from it.

And also it is the era where everyone is looking for mean to earn money because of increasing inflation and unemployment but your mobile phones can help you find solution of this problem.

In our phones we download a number of apps that are used by us on daily bases some are downloaded for educational purposes, some to entertain yourself and some to keep a check on your health but not everyone is aware that there is a number of apps that can help you earn money.

There is a mobile app called foap on which you sell photographs taken by you it can be a photograph a beautiful place, accessories, books, stores or simply picture of your pet. All you have to do is uploading the picture taken you on the app and you’ll find a person ready to buy that photograph for himself, his website or newspaper.

We all have a number of books in our house which are not read by us anymore and we often look a place to get rid of that extra carton of books that taking a lot of space in our house however there is an app designed which will not just help us to get rid of those books but also help us to earn money from them.

Bookscouter is the app which helps to earn extra money by ways of getting rid of the extra pile of books you have all you have to do is upload the list of the books you have with the price you expecting for the books and you will get a buyer for these books.

Likewise olx app is also a good source of earning money if you have anything extra to sell in your house it people sells all kinds of different things from their cars to their cats by ways of the app. The procedure to be followed is same as other sites. You will have to upload a picture of the item you want to sell with detail of it.

Moreover there are a number of apps that provides you with the opportunity to work as a free lancer these sites includes fiverr and upwork where a number of people are required to do a number of jobs related to technical and writing field and they are paid for the amount of work or material they have provided for them.

Other than that if you are looking for full time job apps like and can help you by providing information regarding the type of job you are looking for.

Jobs availability in Pakistan are decreasing by day instead of sitting at home and cry for job one should look for the advance means that can help him to earn some money.

It is obvious that these means cannot provide one with the amount which can be earned by him in full time job but one should give a try to these options as something is better than nothing.

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