Modernism or narcissism

What is modernism? Modernism is a strange phenomenon as we don’t see it as progressing forward we have created our own meaning of being modern. We confuse being modern by being able to visit fancy places or being able to eat at fancy restaurants we have confused it by wearing obscene clothes and by having a judgmental approach towards life but in reality modernism is none of these.

Unfortunately being modern is taken as being rich or showing off riches and being liberal is confused with being obscene. People these days feel confident by wearing their highly paid expensive designer attire and by flaunting their costly phones. The higher is the price of phone the higher is the confidence,  the more is the cost of outfit the more is the self esteem, if this is what we call modernism than what is narcissism, if this is being modern than what is being illiterate.

People should understand the fact that they are not moving forward but backward. They should realize that in order to be updated they are becoming someone they should not be because thousands of years ago we were pulled out of these things. Thousands of years ago we were taught to be modest and to put need before greed and thousands of years ago we were taught to love others more than we love oneself.

But things happening these days are exactly opposite to what we were taught we judge our popularity on the basis of number of likes on our face book picture without paying attention on the fact that like dummies in the store we are putting ourselves on display for others to judge our personalities but the dummies in the store have a purpose of seeking attention of people in order get their product sold but why do we put ourselves on display? Why do we desperately want others to compliment us? Even if we need so then what is the purpose behind it, do we need someone to buy us like slaves or do we need a public opinion on the way we look.

Being modern is being flexible in your ideas it is being aware of right and wrong, being modern is a journey from difficult to easy era but not anymore because we are going back there again we are going back towards difficulties we are going back to be stereotypes and not just that we are also developing new approaches like being paranoid because every minute of our day we are busy thinking what others are thinking about us. We take a hundred photos of ourselves then waste 100 minutes to choose the best from them which can get us the most likes and compliments; isn’t it a psychotic disorder?

We have put ourselves in a constant state of unhealthy competition, if this is modernism then we should not want to be modern, we should want to be modest, we should want to be moderate. We should want to go back in an era where immaterial things like love, sympathy, empathy and brotherhood is valued more than the material things. We should not want to be in a world where just we are eating expensive food we should want to be in a world where everyone is getting their share of food. We should want to live in a world where people are good in art of giving and sharing not in art of taking and snatching.

If we want to live in a peaceful world then we will have to realize that every person is a part of society and if we want to in a better society then we have to be a better person. 

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