Mistakes people make during their first job

Feeling of getting hired for the first time is amazing as the first job brings with it all the many first big things including first sense of achievement at work, first pay check, first big save and first step towards being independent. Feeling of getting first job is amazing as it is the first step of a person towards his career.

However with all these big first happy things it also brings some big mistakes and failure but the nature of each mistake is different from the other, there are some from which one learns nothing and there are some from which one learns a lot, there are some which matters for a short time only and there are also those which plague your career for a very long time.

But each mistake that is made by him counts as his experience towards learning new things and adapting new situations and circumstances. They make him better in one way or the other and add to his professional strength and skills.

An individual on his first job apply best of his efforts to the work to prove to the employer that he is the best person for job he is hired for however while doing so he makes such mistakes that can be avoided, under this article we will discuss all those common mistakes which are made by a person during his first job so that we can learn from them and avoid to make them during our first jobs.

The first mistake that is made by an individual at his first job is not asking questions. When one is hired for the first time he is afraid of being judged by others at work and stops himself from asking question and try to solve the confusions and work problems without taking help from anybody which can actually put a bad reflection of him on other because there are high chances of him worsening the problem instead of fixing it.

Asking question at work is one of the skills available in all the successful people of the world even the most experienced and confident people ask question or ask for help whenever they found themselves trapped in a problem they find it difficult to come out on their own. So one should never stop asking questions at work as it will also indicate your interest towards your work and curiosity towards learning new things.

As Chantal has once said, “Not asking questions. Industry jargon can be overwhelming, if not intimidating, [but] you don’t ask because you’re afraid to look stupid.”

The next mistake which is made by the person on his first job is to apologize for the question he asks. One should never apologize for the questions he asks as the habit of asking question is the part of learning and one should also have an understanding the fact that asking questions at work helps an individual to build better positive relations with the co-workers.

Damain has once said, “People shouldn’t feel guilty about asking questions. A question is often followed with an apology. Questions are very important to gain context, direction, and knowledge...”

In the world of technology communications are made by ways of internet and here is the next mistake that a person makes on his first job which is either to send a lengthy reply or a one world reply to an e-mail one should keep his reply short and to the point it should never be a one word reply. As it will show you lack of professionalism. Sometimes in order to send a quick reply one sends a one world reply e.g. a reply consisting of just one word “sorry” or “thanks”. This will not have a good impression of you on the reader so one should avoid e-mails to people at work.

Forgetting the names of your co-workers is also one of the habits that is not appreciated by your coworker so one should always concentrate on knowing the names of his colleagues so he does not take wrong name of a colleague during a meeting or a private conversation.

The next mistake is one pretends to know more than he did this habit only resists one from learning and by doing so he makes his work difficult from him, doing so can land him with failures at work as he has closed the doors through which he can learn by pretending that he already knows how to do the things and does not require guidance.

The next mistake that a man makes is not speaking up when he is overloaded with the work. Every seasoned employee put his best to struggle with workload so one should always speak on the matter of how much work he can perform and the time when he was burdened with more than the work he is hired for.

And lastly he should never hide his mistakes by doing so he will be he will be jeopardizing his professional growth as hiding a mistake do nothing but exacerbate the problem and take it to the position where the solution of it becomes more complex and complicated. So instead of hiding the mistakes one should take help of other to solve it and learn from it.


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