Methods of improving English language

English language is becoming a necessity these days if a student wants good grades in his presentation he needs to deliver it in English as many universities require one to deliver his presentation in English if one want to grab a job he has to use his English language skills during his interview and if one needs the other to listen to him he quickly changes his speech to English.

Our national obsession towards English language shows an ironical picture of our nation as in the country where Urdu is the national language the usage of English language is much more appreciated than Urdu.

Almost every individual living in Pakistan has once put his complete efforts in improving his English. They all have once gone through a try and error method to improve their English language skills. They must have bought books on how to improve English or having command on English in a week, only to discover no improvement in the end.

But if it is not the right method of improving English than where is the right path and what is the right method. Method number one is the simplest and most effective which says that to improve your language you have to follow the rule of the nature, when a child comes in the world he does not know how to speak he listens to the people around them imitates them and finally learn to speak and response.

An individual who wants to improve his English has to follow the same rule he first have to listen to the people speaking English language to the point where his ears began to accept and understand the language than he should try to imitate the vocals of the one speaking the language till the language become known to him.

However it is important to choose the material you are going to use in order to improve your English language skill. In early 90’s parents and teachers used to encourage the children to listen to the international news channel like BBC and CNN but the individual finds the way too boring and often quits it however the best source of learning a language is the audio visual source one can pick up a number of interesting English movies or shows so that he does not feel bored in the process of his learning.

The next method is the second best method and it is the learning through reading. One can improve his language skills by reading but instead of picking up the “how to improve” books from the stores one should pick other books which increases your level of interest  towards reading moreover one should develop  habit of reading English newspaper alongside the other books one should read at least one section of the newspaper daily and pick up some words from it and try to use those words during his conversation with others it will help him to improve his vocabulary and he will also learn to use one word in different context and connotation.

The third method is also very effective and it is the method of communication. Whatever one learns by ways of audio-visuals and reading sources one must apply that knowledge in his communication. One must try to communicate in English with the people around him time to time so that his tongue adopts the language it might take some time but one would feel a slight improvement every day. If one feels shy speaking it with the people he knows then he should talk to the people who provide him with different services. He can talk in English language at a counter of a restaurant or with the customer service of your mobile network company etc.

Having command on English language is not the hardest thing to achieve one just have to make small changes in his habits and find ways to develop his interests towards the sources which can help him to improve his language.

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