Merit cannot rule intelligentsia

Merit cannot rule intelligentsia

Merit couldn’t abolish bright future of a student. It is the vogue way to check the intelligence of a person. But in my opinion, it is morgue way to neglect the brilliance of a person. To check the intelligence and then conducting a test material overall is the sub-crucial consequence.

“Many highly intelligent people are poor thinkers. Many people of average intelligence are skilled thinkers. The power of a car is separate from the way the car is driven.” - Edward de Bono

It is seen, every year exams are conducted and not only the brilliant one but also the average or measured students crank –up in such anticipation. It can be sound easy if this system prevails the privileged to separate “ brighter” from “less bright” students. We have examined it infects in monthly progress test as brilliant student participation roar the shore and break the spirit by giving an excellent performance but when the grudge of exams take place same students participation could not reach the next level, that is they sometimes couldn’t be able to solve the question with the same style as they practice before exam. In result, he couldn’t get the remarkable marks as he had thought, though.

We are actually in the name of a merit system and degrees, seeking intelligentsia. Which is totally wrong to evaluate people minds. As we all are blessed with same brain size, all having equal number of neurons unit and same mind capacity is functioning in normal people brains. But it varies from a person to a person which depend upon our-self that how we utilize brain power. It depends upon imaginations and thinking tool box of a person using brain as an elementary engine part of human body. It’s is found mostly, after secondary education result outcomes that the brilliants couldn’t achieve the goals of merit when applying for their field related category. This sore their heart into unexpected discouragement.

However, we should take test in identifying not depending upon only qualifying degrees but also on talent to move forward in any field. Because sometimes great ideas and thinkers are innovated by the lowest capable person who’s more spontaneous in based criteria reliable upon his thinking then brilliant one. Rather than, seeking the lowest ones as a slow learners, they might slip through the net you are talking about but just need a backup speech from the mentor to cross the hurdle.

Here, we should take a step to encourage the weakest entrepreneurs, innovative, cursed ones, to bring out rich ideas in our society. It is find that slow learners always integrate new hypothesis. 

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