Mental Health, Let’s Save lives

A person who is not suffering from any apparent disease is seen as completely healthy and fit. As the matter of fact you cannot judge by the appearance that what is hidden behind the perfect looking face. The mental fitness is either taken for granted or it is taken in a wrong light. We do not see it as an important issue which has lead to the increased psychological and mental disorders such as depression and anxiety to float throughout our lives and life cycle.

Mental health is the emotional, psychological and social well being of a person. Due to the stigma about mental health in our society, it is very different even to accept the acceptance of the phenomenon. People who fall prey for any disorder either drives into complete negation of the issue or the issues are ignored with consent to keep it hidden from the people around. The main reason of this irrational behavior is association of mental disorders with madness and none will like to be labeled as mad or lunatic.

the psychological disorders are supported and enhanced due to the life style we have adopted which  lacks proper diet, proper sleep and healthy conversations. Our lives now revolve around the social media bigots, body shaming, bullies, late night parties, unhealthy competitions, harassments, wrong food, sleepless nights, busy days, harassments and increasing social issues such as inflation, discrimination and poverty. Our life styles have made us an easy prey for imbalanced mental activities leading to the disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders   and insomnia.

There is need to spread awareness about the mental disorders. The disorder can be caused by excessive stress where as it can also be triggered by the chemical imbalances moreover the early child hood experiences play a crucial role in forming the foundation of disorders you might not remember anymore. We need to give each other enough space to be aware of what we are going through and how the situation can be resolved. We need to get out of the continuous negation of the issues being observed and felt by a person.

We hear the stories of young talented passionate people losing the control over their emotional which result in the drug abuse, self harm and in the severe cases suicide. Only in year 2018 we have heard any unfortunate stories of young individuals taking their lives. Such is the case of Anum Tanoli a young girl who took her live. Recently a story of a girl who jumped from the 4th floor of a private university is also viral on internet.  The stories are actually signaling to see the severity of the situation of mental disorders.

The mental health can be supported through simple change in the habits and routine it is a disease which can be cured with the help of a doctor just as we treat other medical diseases by going to a doctor. The stigma about the mental disorders must be so that people can be open if they are under trouble or stress. Only by allowing it to come on the surface we would be able to treat it.

There is need of further spread of information about mental and mental fitness to avoid the unfortunate events to occur. Let’s today make a mind not to call anyone as a “psycho” or “mad” even as a joke because we do not know what impacts our words leave on other people. Let’s make sure not to be the reason of stress for others, let’s stop mocking each other, let’s spread positivity and acceptance, let’s not let anyone else die because of a disorder which could be cured. Let’s face it together  and let’s live not die.

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