Mass communications scope as a career

Mass communications scope as a career

Mass communication is all about media studies. All the journalistic sector fall in the category of communication studies. Mass means media and we talk about media we come to know here, that how big the media industry is and how it is ruling in the society. As the global community has become so into a collision of a unified whole and hence the media study has gotten the importance and enviable stream of study.

It is not limited to the study of journalism but a great appendix to the study modern society. We can observe it through the source of a medium of mass media that how people belong to the field of communication get fame, respect and popularity among all fields. It is then moreover concluded that the people belong to media does have high salary packages on a different level of modifications.

This bachelor degree of Mass communication is now have become one of the mainstream, massively known degree among students. Everyone is trying to complete their bachelor program in the approach of journalism. But the question that falls here is that, why everyone assumes communication studies as their dream theory or a cup of tea?

·        Self-obsession:

I have seen many people that when they get rejected in the name of the merit system in any specific field, they start moving towards media as an optional program. In my opinion, its fine, to choose media but just to hold back the degree of bachelor program at home is not worthy for anyone until they devote them to the degree function. There should be a self-obsession in the one holds such type of degree. Groom your mind and bring up your own school of thoughts as you been categorized to the field, freedom of speech.

·        Make-up the degree your passion:

The degree should be converted in your passion. Because the endured passion can be converted into possession and possessive things always lead to poking your dream into reality. When your CGPA will be according to the modification of the required organization then ornamentally it will regard your future, further.


·        Scope your own personality

When you are entered into any of the media organization then you have to build up your personality not by modifying other version but into your own style that how you see the world, and why the world sees you with different percept.

·        Writing skills:

Media is a huge platform which acquires and requires new skills from the upgraded version. Your writings should have the power of ruling the reader and viewer to optimize you in any manner. That may be negative or may be positive aspects. Because if you really want to succeed then use your writing skills and freedom of expression should be used in a journalistic attitude. 

·        Different programs or field in media

Media don’t regulate it body only on the specification of the journalistic route it is a vast industry which routes towards different categories log related to media like:

Fashion designer

Radio jockey

Film director

Artist (painter/singer/ actor)

Writer/ Editor

Event Management

Public Relation Officer

·        Evaluate career yourself:

The question is more reliable over your own mindset that what suits you best instead of drinking other views one should have the courage to know the pedestal route of the program. They must seek their inner satisfaction. In my opinion be creative in this field and you need a great patience to stay quite sometimes in some matter and a lot of hard work you need to make it to the top of the list in the field.

However, mass communication is that type of career where you need a good portfolio of experience to get fame and money which requires a hardship of time and work. So better to get experienced during the time of internship joins different workshops related to the field so with the respect of time get work experience to get a job in the firm or organization.



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