Mark Zuckerberg; the untold story of his success and changing the world

Nailing the story down of a well known person, which is told, retold and recognized by various users, writers and critics. The journey from concept to implementation and then to success is rarely linear. This concept is merely followed by one of the youngest billionaire Mark Zuckerberg. Shedding light toward his remarkable social networking ideas, one has to grab the bitter truth that success is always achieved from failures. The true measure of success is how many times one can bounce back from failure. Similarly, Mark Zuckerberg attained his triumph through many obstacles created b familiar faces around him. 

The company’s original founder Mark Zuckerberg’s life begins from White Plains, New York. He was born on May 14, 1984 into a comfortable, well-educated family, and raised in the nearby village of Dobbs Ferry. At an early age about twelve he developed an interest in computers and soon excelled in a program Atari BASIC. He used this program to create a messaging program and named it Zucknet. This hard work was appreciated by his father and he began to utilize this program in his dental office, so that the receptionist could inform him of a new patient without raising voice across the room. The family also used Zucknet to communicate within the house as well. This accomplished practical boasted up Mark’s confidence and later with many of his friends he created computer games just for enjoyment.

The excellence of his studies was totally different from his mindset. He surpassed in literature and earned a diploma in classics. Yet, Zuckerberg remained awestruck by the functions of computer and continued to work on developing new programs. While studying in high school, he created an early version of the music software Pandora, which he called Synapse. Several renowned companies including AOL and Microsoft exhibited an interest in buying the software and wanted to hire Mark before graduation, but he declined the offers.

He quickly gained popularity as software expert in Harvard as well outside. Later, engaged with different solutions he built a program CourseMatch which helped the students to choose their classes based on the course selections of other users. Another invention came into being as Facemash a program which was used to compare the pictures of two students of campus and allowed the users to vote on which one was more attractive. As the program became wildly popular and highly rated, but was later shut down by the school administration after it was deemed inappropriate.

One of the student at Harvard named Narendra, reached Mark for creating a project that would enable the students to associate with each other through the internet. It was initially labeled as Harvard Connection and later on, it was changed to ConnectU. This gave Zuckerberg the thought which formed the base of Facebook. There was also a controversy encompassing Harvard Connection that it was another person’s idea that Zuckerberg stole. He was censured for utilizing base code of Harvard Connection to begin his own particular venture.

Zuckerberg and his companions made a site that enabled users to make their own profiles, transfer photographs, and communicate with different persons. After his sophomore year, Zuckerberg dropped out of college to commit himself to Facebook full time, moving the organization to Palo Alto, California. Before the finish of 2004, Facebook had 1 million users and the site begin to fascinate different organizations, which wanted to advertize through Facebook social center. But, once again Mark turned down the offers made by different companies such as Yahoo and MTV Networks. Rather, he concentrated on growing the site, opening up his task to outside engineers and including more highlighted features and functions.

Around a similar time, he made a music player that was customized to audience's music choices and interest. The program named Synapse Media Player was worked under an organization called Canny Media Group. Moreover, Zuckerberg presented another venture in 2013 titled as, collaborated with different mobile phone firms like Qualcomm, Samsung, Musical drama Software, Ericsson, Microsoft, MediaTek, and Dependence. The main intend of the project was to empower the use of Internet across the nations.

The same year, this software developer turned into the CEO and Chairman of the organization Facebook, Inc. In 2015, Facebook acquired more than 2 billion active users per month, and in July 2015 a market value of $ 272 billion was occurred. Zuckerberg possess 423 million Facebook shares and became one of the youthful billionaires in history. Being a dropout and called as an imitator of ideas, Mark proved himself as the hard worker who reframed the idea and created his own destination of success.

Furthermore, The Social Network was another tribute paid to Mark, a movie made in 2010 filming his life. Forbes Magazine, in 2015, published the rating of 400 richest people in the United States and without any doubt, Mark was on the list and not only in the rundown but on the seventh place with a total assets of $40.3 billion.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, “The biggest risk is not taking risks … In a world that is changing very fast, the only strategy that is failing is not taking risks.”



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