Mahathir Mohammad , An Inspirational Leader

Pakistan is very excited about the celebrations of the Resolution Day. 23rd March is of great significance in the history of Pakistan. The declaration of Pakistan was announced on this day in 1940. Every year the event is cherished and celebrated on the national level. The level of excitement has multiplied this year with the announcement of Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad to attend the ceremony alongside the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan.

So what do you know about Mr. Mahathir Mohammad? Most of the people especially the youngsters are not well aware of who is Mahathir Mohammad. Our Prime Minister has called him a role model. So before we welcome this prestigious guest at the heart of our home we must know more about the inspiring Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohammad.

Mahathir Mohammad started his political struggle in 1946 by joining United Malays National Organization. He has spent more than 70 years in his political struggle and journey to empower Malaysia.  He became Prime Minister of Malaysia at first in 1981 and remained in the office until 2003. In the long tenure at the office as the Prime Minister, he swept all the opponents in the elections five times. The long yet most progressive government of Mahathir Mohammad changed the status of the country significantly.

Unlike most of the other developing countries, Mahathir adopted the alternative approach rather than looking at the western world and western powers for its development. He was highly criticized by the western world. He remained adamant on his policy of making Malaysia self-dependent and developed without adopting the western agenda. He was a very staunch advocate of the development of third world countries and he continued for the struggle of 3rd world countries at national and international levels.

 No one knew that a simple boy born in Alor Setar, Kedah in 1925 will change the destiny of Malaysia as a whole. He has received his education in the field of medicine but he was always inclined towards the politics and political affairs of the country. He wanted to make significant differences in the development of the state so he joined politics. The active and progressive mindset of this young man paved his way to becoming the prime minister of the state. He created his own policies and introduced several acts in the parliament. The era of Mahathir Mohammad is known as the Era of development of Malaysia. He initiated mega infrastructure projects in the country and now Malaysia is one of the most favorite tourist places.

The rapid economic bloom of the country raised its status from the 3rd world country to developing and later a developed state. He highly supported modernization which worked as the catalyst in the growth and progress of this small state. Malaysia has experienced the fastest growing economy in his era. The first era of glory and bold leadership was ended in 2003. It was the excellent policies and modernized approach of Mahathir Mohammad which made Malaysia one of the five Asian Tigers.

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi succeeded Mahathir Mohammad as the Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2003. Later he lost the elections to Najib Razak in 2015. However, Mahathir Mohammad was not satisfied with their performance and he became a strong critic of the government. He kept a strong eye on each and every development by the later governments. The criticism on them was not centered to the newspapers but the policymaking as well. So he decided to contest the elections again. In May 2018 he won elections to once again become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan had shown great admiration for Mahathir Mohammad when he secured the place of Prime Minister of Malaysia in 2018.  It is the first celebration of 23rd March under the leadership of PM Imran Khan so he has invited the great leader Mahathir Mohammad to become part of the celebration of this historic day for Pakistan.

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