Liaquat Ali Khan, The Martyr of the Nation

Our homeland Pakistan was found after the long struggle and efforts of the leaders who worked together to formulate an ideology, a framework, a network, and a movement which lead to the independence of Muslims of sub-continent into an independent and free country. Finally, the Muslims were no more an ignored and subjugated minority under the dominance of large Hindu population. The dream of Pakistan could not have turned into reality if the chain of leaders had broken from anywhere. This chain included the efforts of Liaqat Ali Khan, who has one of the closest associates of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

It is almost impossible for a person to lead the battle alone, the battle here was the freedom of the Muslim community from the curse of the majority. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah started the struggle for the separate homeland for Muslims with a team which always motivated him to move ahead and never to stop. Jinnah was one of the strongest persons but he also became disappointed with the betrayal of Congress and Hindu leaders and moved back to London in dismay. It was Liaquat Ali Khan who continuously wrote to him in his letters and brought back the courage in Jinnah to return and continue the movement. Liaquat Ali Khan has always followed the footsteps of Jinnah.

Liaquat Ali Khan was born on 1st October 1895 in the Eastern Punjab of British India. He had witnessed how the British had occupied the control of India from the hands of the Mughal Empire. He was always very keen towards studies and he received his formal education from Aligarh Muslim University. Later he went to Oxford University for further higher education.

After the independence of Pakistan Liaquat Ali Khan became the first Prime Minister of the newly established state. He was also designated as Defence, Foreign, and Frontier Regions Minister. He also served as finance minister in the interim government of Lord Mountbatten. Liaquat Ali Khan was a staunch follower of a democratic and parliamentary government system, he was invited by Congress to become a part of the party but he decided to join Muslim League and remained the right hand of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

As a Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan supported the ideology of Democracy and Capitalism. he visited the United States in 1949 despite an invitation from the Soviet Union. The relationship between US and Pakistan were on the cruise mode until 1950. After Nehru from India visited the US, the relationship between Pak and US became sour because Pakistan was asked to withdraw Kashmir. On that issue, Liaquat Ali Khan said:” Pakistan had annexed half of Kashmir without American support..., and would be able to take the other half too.”

Liaquat Ali Khan has a visionary man who wanted to lead Pakistan towards the heights of success but unfortunately, the great leader was taken away from us. During an address at Company Gardens Rawalpindi to 100,000 people, he was openly shot dead by a suspicious murderer on 16th October 1951. For Pakistan, it was a dark day, as Pakistan was deprived of yet another great leader and the vacuum of leadership continued for Pakistan. The controversy of the murder of Liaquat Ali Khan remained a mystery until today.

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