Let’s imagine life without the Internet

Let’s imagine life without the Internet

Nowadays, life without the Internet seems to be paralysed. If you are unknown to the world of media and every spice interesting news that is regulated as a viral news then you are eating a Biryani without “Raita” (yoghurt or curd).

Everyone seems to be so much indulged in its use that they sometimes ignore very special mean of time with the special means. Let me tell you with an example, as the time is passing with the great speed it made very difficult for our own blood-ship to take out worthy time for dining together at the same time. And all this scenario is created because of the triggered penetration of social media in our Android smartphones. If you just run your eyes in the surrounding you will come across many examples at the same time, what kids, parents, youth, adults and what even workaholics are busy in the addiction of posting a status, photos and videos while many busy on searching new songs and movies and so many to tell. So in short, the internet has now become a part of life.

I have seen many people who can’t live a single moment without the use of the internet. You could come across many living examples in your life that those people are the epitome of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, snap chat and WhatsApp. Wait a minute, a life without internet means a big NO to texting, emails, shows, apps and social media. In some instance words, we would become extra Legends of this age.

But according to some reports around 4 billion people all over the world are not addicted to the internet drug as they do have mobile phones but they use them for the urgent calls.

Now the problem that I found here is that why these 4 billion people mean every 2/3 ratio of the world population is not accessing the mobile internet in the regulatory mode. I know you would be encouraging the answer poverty but it is not the main problem because the real issue is a linguistic barrier. As these 4 billion people lack compelling the content which worth irrelevant to them. As English is not the only language understood by the world because this language is not able to be understood by the people in many countries not only in Pakistan but in many if you use your brain encyclopaedia you would come across many names of the countries. In which some of them are China, Germany Sweden, Korea and much more to relate them here.   

There are about (4000) four thousand languages in this world whereas the internet is available in only thirty-six (36) languages. Many manufacturers of mobile phones are working on it but they are facing a great difficulty because of the structure of many languages. But despite it when we achieve the translation problem we optimize search engine like Google, but still, the barrier that let the people away from such problem is that keyboard font. As a single word take a lot of time to convert one-word meaning. If this barrier is overcome, it could bring 6 million people together. But to source information, one company has developed 2600 keyboard input fonts through which many people can connect with many people.

Through such means of the source, those people who are neglected this technology would be able to revolve around the world of internet with means of connection to each other.  

Above all Internet was a technological advancement that in real time excelled us into the 21st century by changing our mode of living style, socialising value while helping the man to expand his business and in short made us revealed about the good stuff to purchase.

The Internet beneficiate the life of a human in one click away. In some short existing conclusion, the people who grew up with the use of well-established internet usage are unlike to comprehend life without it. As it is one of the paved ways to the future and many advancements are loaded ahead in itself.




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