Laden of enthusiasm, prop for Rabeea Hameed

Laden of enthusiasm, prop for Rabeea Hameed  

A girl from Lohar Banday area of Mansehra, Rabeea Hameed is itself is a cognitive, heroic tale. Living in a small rented house built on the peak of the mountainous slope. It will make you remarkable that how anyone with such disability could survive this unfortunate destiny with big dreams.

The short but hurdled journey toward her house revealed how uncertain and causing rocky slopes could organise a flourishing fortune to seek knowledge for Rabeea Hameed! Before heading towards her inspirational story and unfitted prop of juggling sentences arose in my mind that how anyone with whom support this handicapped girl has been traversing this risky slope daily. All these odds just juggle out of mind when I got to the sneaky point that her firm determination and confidential prop had made her zealous toward enabling academic persuading knowledge that is now, she is recuperating back.

Let see how her father’s virtue humbleness and modesty reveal his story of poverty. He’s a prayer leader in a mosque from the last five decades and a small school teacher due to which he got the privilege to live in a rented house. Despite poverty, he has been gifted by the fundamental gift of God as a reward of his faithful life as five sons and three daughters.

His elder son is doing diploma in engineering, the second son is graduate while the third son stopped studying after matriculation as he had taken the responsibility of Rabeea to take her school and then bring her back.

What a virtue of Paragon could be admired from the shiny and watery presumptuous eyes as he started telling the story of Rabeea that she got polio when she was just one-year-old. The heavy lightened thunder

stroke him and his wife as they come to realise about the disease. But later Rabeea being a confidential and laden with conational hopes her prop ignite her life through education. Being unable to walk sometimes makes her mischievous and still, now she is unable to move from one place to another without the helping hand but using the brain capability she had turns the barriers on her disability in her life as a smooth elevator through means of education. As her father is prayer leader in a small mosque and his income is not healthy to fulfil her educational and medical demands, her teachers have waived most of her educational fee and still paying out some of her tuition fees too.

Apart from her sophisticated life, her achievement in studies takes our consciousness beneath our feet that how anyone could top in matric and FSC level of education with such patriotism toward here dreams with such criticism. Her dreams are supervised under the headmasters of Garden Public School's Principal Muneer Sahib and Haider Public School's Principal Raja Naeem, who helped her to pay her educational fee and let her backup in most hurdles. But when the time arose to take admission in the medical college again she was unable to fulfil the fee demand and as she was unable to move from one place to another how she would be able to travel daily from Manshera to Abbottabad. All the circumstances were sought and came into an acknowledgement of Karwane-ILM Foundation and they reached to help her, to fulfil her demand of becoming a physiotherapist. Right now she is doing B.Sc Physiotherapy and is travelling on daily basis from Manshera to Abbottabad for seeking perception of knowledge. Soon she will get an alliance for medical treatment too. 


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