Kashmir; the jugular vein and an inseparable part of Pakistan

After the independence of Sub-continent, there arouse many disputes between newly born states called India and Pakistan. These issues never allowed both of the nations to take a breath of relief and thousands of people have been killed so far including innocent civilians and army persons.

To make the issue clear, we’ll have to go deeper into the age of partition when all princely states were allowed to choose their destiny whether they want to merge their territory to India or Pakistan. The liberty of choice was still under the command and control of religion because the states having majority of Muslims chose India while the states having Hindus in majority declared that they would be a part of India.

The state of Kashmir consisted on the majority of Muslims and they were closely related to the people of Pakistan in terms of religion, culture, traditions and values. They wanted to affiliate Kashmir with Pakistan because they never thought of living with the Hindus who never accepted their separate identity of being Muslims.

Here again the cunning Hindus played the role of conspirer and convinced the Hindu ruler of Kashmir to declare Kashmir’s affiliation with India against the will and wish of Kashmiri people. That was the moment when Pakistani and Kashmiri people felt that this is the biggest injustice being done to the people of both of the states because the people of both of the nations were brothers and there was an outsider between the brothers to separate them.

Quaid e Azam once said that “Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan,” which shows that Pakistan is incomplete without Kashmir and it is an inseparable part of Pakistan.

Many wars have been fought between both of the countries and this issue of Kashmir didn’t allow the peace to grow. There has always been tension between both of the nations and there can’t be stability and peace in the region without solving the issue of Kashmir. Many nations around the globe have solved their issues though ballot box but India never let that happen and it became a wall between Kashmiri people and a referendum of independence.

It’s been decades and India is still sitting like a cobra on the state of Kashmir despite the resolutions of UN that Kashmiri people will decide their own fate. Pakistan has never hesitated to call Kashmir as its own part and never ever stepped back from supporting the Kashmir cause morally and politically.

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