Jinnah: The man admired by his rivals & enemies

December 25th, 2017 will mark Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s 141st birthday. A man who was the personification of truth, honor, intellect, courage, chivalry, hard work, patience, loyalty and what not? He not only was a great human being but also one of the greatest leaders of history of mankind who changed the map of the world without shedding a drop of blood.

He was a lawyer, politician and the founder of Pakistan who not only created a separate homeland for the Muslims of India but also gave them a separate piece of land where they were free to lead their lives according to Islam.

He was a great statesman who had not only been praised by his follower but also by his rivals and enemies. The vision and saying are not only a way-forward for the people of Pakistan but also a true source of triumph and accomplishment.

Here are some of the most famous and life changing sayings of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Motivating the people of Pakistan for a better future, he said:

“Come forward as servants of Islam organize the people economically, socially, educationally and politically and I am sure that you will be a power that will be accepted by everybody.” 

Quaid always admired the past of Islamic civilization and looked forward to build a nation which could claim this past with a head held high.

 “Islam expect every Muslim to do this duty, and if we realise our responsibility time will come soon when we shall justify ourselves worthy of a glorious past.” 

Quaid was not only the founder and creator of Pakistan but also a true leader who had a vision of future and the challenges lying in the way to glory. He always appreciated the strength of democratic forces in the country.

“You have to stand guard over the development and maintenance of Islamic democracy, Islamic social justice and the equality of manhood in your own native soil.”

The rivals and enemies of Jinnah were also his true admirers. Many great leaders and renowned people from across the globe praised Jinnah.

Here are some of the prominent people who commended Quaid.

Vijay Laxmi Pandit

 “If Muslim League has 100 Gandhis and 200 Abdul Kalam Azad and Congress has only one Jinnah then India would have never divided.”

Jawaharlal Nehru, first prime minister of India

“Jinnah is one of the most extraordinary men in history.”

John Biggs-Davison

“Although without Ghandi, Hindustan would still have gained independence and without Lenin and Mao, Russia and China would still have endured Communist revolution, without Jinnah there would have been no Pakistan in 1947.”

Stanley Wolpert

“Few individuals significantly alter the course of history. Fewer still modify the map of the world. Hardly anyone can be credited with creating a nation-state. Mohammad Ali Jinnah did all three.”

Sir Winston Churchill

“I can never forget this great leader from my heart.”



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