JAN KOUM; Build your own destiny

By: Gulraiz Falak

The bitterness of life he only felt before his success.

Technology steels the short way to get and makes the life easy to live with more comfort and cheer. Throughout technology, different devices and applications are making a strong connection between the birdbrain and ripened. Every smart phone and android has established with different applications and WhatsApp is the one of the most popular applications nowadays. His founder was a very poor root when he was nipper in the age of 16 but now he is the one of the famous billionaire in the world.

Jan Koum was born in 1976 and he was the native of Ukraine. His father was a construction manager and his mother is housewife. Jan Koum belongs to a Jewish family, so the environment of Ukraine political movement was not much favorable for him and his family. He survived with limited food, electricity and limited water for bathing and even they used public toilets because of UKRAINE political restrictions. Jan Koum decided to move from Ukraine and had settled in United States.

He was living with only his mother and grandmother, and his father was still in Ukraine. Even he rarely communicated with his father due to strong conditions by the anti Jewish movement. When he arrived to Mountain View which is the part of California, he and his family circulated with line of poverty. His father had died in Ukraine. His mother made herself a babysitter and he became a sweeper in a store. His home was not well settled and sometimes he slept in public places. He was proficient in the language of English while he had got an easy admission in America. His inspiration was not yet weak and he prepared himself as an intellectual student when he was in programming. He joined computer networks and grub hacker known as wOOwOO when at school. After graduating from school, he took admission at San Jose University. The needs of living and University fees were much expanded so he worked as a tester in computer security systems at Ernst and young.

In 1997, Jan Koum met with Brian Acton, a Yahoo employee and both became a best friend after knowing intellectuality and proficiency. Jan Koum applied for a job in Yahoo on the advice of Brian Acton and after an interview; he was recruited as an infrastructure engineer.  Bad days were not going yet and his mother died of the disease of cancer. He worked hard for yahoo and continuing his official work for seven years. He became the CEO of Yahoo but his destiny was not confined. He invested himself in getting easier ways and the initial version of WhatsApp had an update in iPhone. He added more feature for WhatsApp and made this application low expanse for the users.

Brian Acton proved to be a true friend when he found other investors for the development of WhatsApp. In 2009, he also released a successful version for android and Blackberry, and even photos had easiest for sending. The start of this application was not much profitable but with the passage of time, it commercialized more and more. Facebook then more interested in WhatsApp because of increasing its users and they decided to acquire whatsapp with heavy amount. Now Jan Koum wealth is 19 Million Dollars or we can say 80 trillion rupiahs. According to Forbes magazine, the worth of Jan Koum is 8.9 billion dollars.

Life is full of mysteries and hurdles, and one out of ten keeps this courage of infinity.


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