Islam is the Religion of Tolerance

 Islam is the Religion of Tolerance

We all know that Islam is constructed over five pillars and they are the declaration of faith (The Shahadah), Salah (Namaz- Prayer), Zakat (Charity), Fasting (Sawm- Roza), and Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca) and on this Islam is completed. But you know what, Islam start on the revival of these pillars which is based on sharing and caring, tolerance, patience, helpful and not letting other damnification.

Every year millions of Muslims all along the globe, pilgrims to Mecca and endure their faith upon that they have completed the obligations of Almighty. But in actual their new misery starts from it again, as Allah had given them one more chance to change their bad sight and to start a new birth life with the true heart affection.

As according to the fifth pillar, Qur’an says, “The religion has now been perfected” (5:3).

Following the footprints of Prophet Muhammad, who by his own example, spanning several days on the way of the spiritual journey. The second day is the highest point of Hajj when sat in solitude devoting on the plains of Arafat, which is ten miles away from Mecca.

It is the emotional time when some wept and please for the forgiveness of their made sins from Almighty to help them of becoming a better person in their life. Some climb up the rocky hill Mount of Mercy, which is believed for the farewell message given by Muhammad in 630 AD.

Remaining four pillars are publicly quite, as many Muslims pray openly five times a day, fast publicly from dawn to dusk in the holy month of Ramadan by giving charity to the orphans and poor also repeat confession of faith or Shahada as there are no Gods but God and Muhammad (PBUH) is the last messenger of God.

Moving towards the rebellion fact just conclude out through your surrounding that, does everyone belonging to your specific religion is a good person or does your fingers are all equally measured in size? I mean there are thousands of religion on which the individual identity is based. All the hearts are not pure. There are black jerks hiding in between every community who just rot the name of their religion. We all know that in the 21st century Muslims are defamed over the label of religion just because of those unpredictable groups like ISIS, Taliban and many other fanatic groups for their personal means. They just want to gain their personal interest in the world by labeling their occurrence with the name of Muslims. 

Judge it out with your brain doesn't Islam is facing the cruelty of war, for example, Syria, Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Burma and many more. Not only adults but including children, women, men and old people are the victim of such cruelty and facing bloodshed, but still Muslims are considered terrorists. In actual, Muslims are bestowed with the patience and tolerance to deal such criticism.

No doubt, some Muslim are found in folk stuff, so called orthodox Islam contributing their life strictly over monotheistic beliefs knocking others as true practices. Life over here revolves around amulets, charms, blessings, curses and a lot of fear. According to me, people must approach such materialistic world with the capacity of brain power knowing between the legalization in Islam and privatization of personal trust.

People from different religions criticize Islam just over the stereotyping word “Terrorism”. Believe me, for the sake of Almighty Islam, doesn’t allow us to harm a moving life. We even are not allowed to pluck flowers and to demolish the trees so how had Islam become the name of fear in public.

Many Muslim women living in foreign countries are the victim of harassment as according to Islam Hijab is the beauty of a Muslim Woman but they are forced to take off their hijab as if they are breaking the rules of the foreign community. It is now becoming an ultimate paradox for every Muslim to live according to the obligations of Islam as they are following the footprints of third world leading towards the Day of Judgment.


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