Is math exam really a nightmare?

Is math exam really a nightmare?

Most of the students assume math as a dreadful subject. Some student seeks it as a part of heirloom, just by giving it a tactful time. Students before math exams get nervous even if they are prepared but can’t resist the anxiousness of resolving the problematic solution. However, you can come up with some tactful techniques which you have to hire to crucify the frightened pistol to gain good marks or grades in the upcoming exams.

Know the acquaintance of problem:

One should know the importance, worth and length of the question. You should know the format of every question in math that is before practising math go through the worth of question as of how many marks a question could have. 2 mark for 1 step method and its answer of such question could be solved verbally instead of 5 mark question need tactful method skill solutions.

Perceptive the past paper:

Practicing the past papers you get a good command on solving the question. Not only the past papers but you can also take help from different resources. For example, good math websites and the tutorials of videos. So it can help you to design the elementary of the question.

Use of calculator like expertise:

There are some questions that cannot be solved without the use of calculator. So you should practice it and should have command to deal the question by solving through calculator.

Define or represent the problem with different stages:

Sometimes when using calculator we forget to write the steps that are important to construct the length of the question and directly allow or paste answer on the paper which deduct our marks. So the best way to solve the question is to write step by step method for solving even if you doing it directly and correctly because when the checker notice it firmly he had the sense of memorization which make them rethink that you memorized the answer and didn’t know the method.

Dealing steps to write answer of problem:

·        Every time when you are to start a question give it at least 2 min to read.

·        Write rough or sketch a rough diagram of the problem

·        Remember or figure out the word like addition, subtraction, left out, added to etc.

·        Write step by step when you figure out the query of the question.

Evaluating the algebraic expressions:

·        Always memorized the algebraic expressions formula

·        The formula should learned at tips

·        You should be tricky while applying the formula on every step.

·        You should be skilled through practicing to convert the information into equation.

Trigonometry and geometrical problems should be practiced more:

Geometry and trigonometry are basically the game shapes which are belonged to theorems.

·        Must have command on theorems.

·        Practice the theorems by leaning the examples.

·        Do the calculations step by step.

Above are the step that every student’s nightmare can be repelled and these can help to boost their interest towards boring math.







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