Internet Slangs Parents Need to Know

Technology aimed for human benefit and ease. In 21st century it is part of educational system in developed and under developing countries. Examination, demonstration, experiments and online learning has resolved many issues related to education. Distance learning is easier now as compared to old times.

Students feel easy to take lectures online and they can easily find their study matter freely available online at blogs, e portals, websites etc.  Almost all the educational institutes have also developed complete online systems for their announcements, news, books, admissions and other procedures.

Therefor it has become the need of hour to provide internet facility with electronic gadgets like mobile and laptops to children. But these facilities are also source of Deterioration in society if they are being misused. Parents provide these facilities to their kids to gain education and enhance their learning abilities but often times this facility makes students duller and distracts them from their original purpose of use.

Students take this facility as entertainment, enjoyment and sometimes misuse. This can lead to disastrous results. Consequences of unethical use of technology may give rise to unethical and irresponsible nation with dark future of the entire country as well as era.  Teachers are builder of the nation but they can only keep check and balance on study, efforts and performance of the student. A good teacher may have idea behind the reason of bad performance of the students which is tackled by the student affair counsel at the institute. But the immoral and unethical use of internet can be better observed by the parents.

Parents need to keep an eye on the attitude and devices being used be their kid so that they can keep the irrelevant material away from their access. No method is 100% secure but check on the history and websites being used more frequently and malicious data detect can minimise the wrong use of internet and can keep your child safe from bad habits. In this regard certain measures given below can be taken.

  • Use website block software to block malicious and unwanted websites on device.
  • Apply an E-mail address on the device; you too have access, so that their browsed history and data can be investigated whenever you want.
  • Keep session with your children to observe their changing behaviour and its intensity; also try to be their good friend so that they can share their views and perspective with you.
  • The best way to know what you children are doing and learning is to talk with them in language that they understand. It means talk with them on those topics in which they are interested, in that way they feel easy to share their insight with you.
  • Learn that language and codes that are being used now a day among children to convey messages on social media to hide from their parents what they are saying.  These are called internet slang. Here are a few internet slangs are given that parents should know.


by the way


Age / Sex / Location


boyfriend / girlfriend


parents watching


parents are watching


parents in room


parents over shoulder


laugh(ing) out loud


be right back


I don't know


not much or never mind


got to go


in my opinion


if I recall correctly


I am not a lawyer


rolling on the floor laughing


oh my God


away from keyboard


good game


talk to you later


best friend forever

Internet slang are ruining academic career of the students badly and distracting them from the actual use of internet. Even sometimes student write these slangs in their tests, assessments and homework. Using frequently these slangs not only ruining educational and professional career but also destroying moral values and character especially among teen agers.  It is affecting their grammar skills and creative writing ability.


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