Innovating learning skills through Smart TV in Classroom

Innovating learning skills through Smart TV in Classroom

To enhance the learning capability of a student one should or a teacher should examine the technical power skills of a child brain and the thinking power of a student. As for today, it is one of the biggest challenges for the teachers or preacher to dig the attention of their students towards their topic or lecture. Whereas the students get bored while not bothering the class or the lecture seriously, which lead them towards mocking failure as result.

Even the scholars are practicing the research of finding various tools of interest for the student in which they can find or they can accommodate the students toward studies. It is true eventually that the technology is betraying us to the unknown symmetrical known third world and as the technology has depicted as the tool of learning which has more emphasizing power of elaborating the topic to the students. So for this, Smart TV screens must be associated on the walls of the classroom. It is not only the digital way of learning but a coolest with the modest emphasizing way of learning for the students.

And I think they would love to learn within such environment because minds love to enroll creativity into imaginations.

·        The smart screen is made interactive as it plays the role of the TV and can play audios with videos which promote the class participation that automatically adds fun and interaction.

·        It promotes the teamwork and socialization as sometimes it creates difficulty for teachers to explain the students for some topics until they are experimentally proved but after the invention of digital smart screen source, this confusion and gap bridge under the consequences of misunderstanding is have been removed.

·        Digital smart screen is one of the convenient learning and teaching effective tool. As it makes the concepts clear about the topic hence it makes every topic effective in the field of learning. The different app found on the internet can be helpful for the teacher and the students to be learned into the classroom. It has be proven that instead of being beneficiated for yourself, one can make it resourceful for the wide range of students in the classroom.

·        Technology helps the teacher to reveal the students about the real world environment.

·        Today’s students love to be engaged and technology so for learning prospect it is obvious then that they would love to learn by using such tools.

Hence proved that it is one of the best modern tool for learning in school, college and university. If we look at it rationally than it is the best way to learn while using it digitally instead of going on the heavier books.

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