Incredible technological innovations presented to the world

Incredible technological innovations presented to the world

We all know about the inventions and innovations of the mankind even still we are studying and using the things in our life under the label of the machine in our daily life. We have studied about many inventors in our academic books as how and when and under what circumstances these inventions took place. Above these, we don’t either care to know that how these metamorphoses become the segmented part of our life.

The following information that I’m going to discuss in this article is collected through a different source of medium some from the internet and mostly from newspaper discussion. So here you have the fringe chore of information about your favorite innovator that you will enjoy after reading.


Escalators are invented by Charles D Seeberger, who also won the first prize at year’s World Fair that was held in Paris, France on November 28th, 1900. Such fair was organized as the competition in which all future inventors participated for the better 20th century. Here Seeberger and Jesse Reno had a parallel competition but vertically somehow different from each other. As Reno’ displayed his inclined Elevator. So both had a tough competition with one another.

 However, Seeberger elevator managed the pride of award on Judge’s choice. In such fair, more than 50 million people attended the fair. Endless series of steps were admired by the jury, that appears at the bottom and disappears at the top. On such fair one of the judge commented that “now we have all seen the future of the climbing stairs”. As it is the truly a small step of one giant man for the mankind ride.


The telephone was developed by a scientist in his very early age of the teen. The scientist made this truly incredible invention when he heard the note played on the piano can be heard by the piano in other room through the echoes. There he concluded that the note was transmitted through the sound waves by means of air. On this idea a novel theory was formed that the sound waves or the vibrations could generate an electrical current.

Alexander Graham Bell made his demonstration vanished in the crowd one morning in the exhibition at Centennial. Where he demonstrated the telephone to the huge crowd. This futuristic machine consist of two parts a receiver and a mouse piece. In such crowded exhibition the scientist spoke that

It was the morning of June 26, 1876, spectators at Centennial Exhibition are astonished .Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his speaking telephone to a huge crowd in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. This futuristic machine consists of two parts-a mouth piece and a receiver which are separated by a long electric wire .When a person speaks into the mouth piece his voice can be heard in the receiver. Alexander talked to the crowd and said, “The day is coming when wires will be laid onto houses just like water or gas lines-and friends will converse with each other her without leaving home.”


William C. Roentgen was the physician who stunned the medical history through his brilliant discovery. On 28th December 1895 in Germany, he showed the inside of his wife’s hand without any surgical procedure. It was an image. The image was produced through the X-radiation. He named his finding X-rays as he was not much sure that what he invented. An image is a form when the invisible radiation emerges from the electronic tube.


The world was astonished by the two bicycles mechanics Wilber Wright and Orville Wright brothers at the same time, made the first manned flight in gasoline- powered flying machine. It was there dream to build a flying machine.

In December 1903 in North California people gathered to watch the launch of flying machine ‘FLYER-1’. After 12 seconds of its rolling for 45 feet, the flying machine lifted about in additional 120 feet in the air before touching the ground.


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