Increasing trends of imposing ban

In a world of 21st century where people talks about liberty the most and how the people and states are adapting liberal and flexible globes people needs to put the world under the magnifying glass to see its not the freedom that is increasing day by day it’s the restrictions imposed on the people that are increasing under the term of the” Ban.”

Ban on many things are imposed and talked about right from the beginning of the century and talks about banning began to circulate even more after the mysterious 9/11 attack. That was the time that has changed the world for the Muslims, the time when all the Muslims were seen in a negative light and the world began to raise questions on them that was the time debates were conducted on national and international forums about banning Hijab and even today a larger proportion of people living in European and American continents discourages Muslim women to wear Hijab.

The time passed by and many other kinds of bans were began to be imposed on people. The so called biggest democracy in the world India has imposed beef ban time and again in the country depriving the Muslim minority from their right performing religious obligation of slaughtering cows and buffalos on eid, however it is a bit ironical for the country like India to impose a ban on beef as India is the world’s largest exporter of the beef and the 5th largest producer of the beef.

When asked about the rationale behind imposing beef ban the majority of Hindus came up with the reply that Hindus don’t eat beef while many reliable books written on Brahmans showed that the Brahmans used to slaughter the cows and consume the beef the only stopped consuming beef under the influence of the marketing strategies of Buddhist community for their economic gains. Currently India is making 4.3 billion US dollars from beef export everywhere which is twice the GDP of Bhutan. So if the beef ban is analyzed from the religious as well economic point of view the rationale behind the ban is illogical and invalid.

However the beef ban was not the only illogical ban talked about in the world the infamous campaign promises of Donald Trump regarding Muslim and Mexican ban have also caused quite a mayhem around the world where a number of hate speeches were given about the immigrants and the country which considers itself a pioneer of human rights had started hurting the sentiments of the minorities living the country.

There are number of other bans imposed in world with no logical reasoning at all in 80’s Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu called for a ban on scrabble and China banned anything involving the use of jasmine flowers in 2011.

Pakistan has also imposed ban on various things now and then however people always looks for another way of using those things the ban on the event Basant had broken hearts of people zealous about kite flying. YouTube was banned in Pakistan in 2012 because the site contained the content which hurts Muslim sentiments the above mentioned two bans imposed on YouTube had a logical reasoning but the decision regarding basant ban had a scope of revision as the the safety measures can be ensured instead of banning the event however the country sometimes impose illogical bans on the release of the movie made by the entertainment industries across borders.

The banning of things are sometimes logical but sometimes they give rise to more intricacies than solution banning something should not be taken as a solution but the treatment of the factor because of which a thing is being banned should be taken as a solution moreover the bans that includes deprivation of the religious and cultural rights of the should be ignored because they give rise to hatred and in the world full of violence there is no further space for tolerating more hatred and atrocities.


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