Imran Khan; An incredible Story

"Imran Khan Niazi is the name of Success in the history of political reign and the field of victory"

Imran Khan leads to the footpath of determination after his birth. He has lime lighted his name as a world-class bowling machine before joining politics. He took his first humdrum start in first class cricket at the age of sixteen, creating an unbelievable determine soul to chase the sleepy body. Before his successful cricket career, he struggled a lot to gain the unimaginative potential for walking on the ground and later he became the most talented bowler in between the arena of cricket.  

Everyone has the clusters of downfalls and yes Imran Khan was one of them. No one is built-in with the mythical blessings but can create them with the determination of Alexander-the great. Imran Khan was neither a good bowler nor a good batsman at first but later on, he upraised his golden bat along with the shine of Pakistan.

Furthermore, he got many more injuries in his cricket career but the wounds and injuries made him stubborn and loyal to his goals. People think that Imran Khan has achieved all his clinching goals but no one knows the dark past of his offended life. He particularly worked hard over achieving success and practiced the best for making himself a treadmill. Even that Sarfraz Nawaz; a foe to Imran Khan said that “even a horse doesn’t run as much as Imran Khan does”. 

After a long time, Imran Khan inaugurated the ribbon of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, collecting the donations for the underprivileged cancerous patients. As we all know, Pakistan comes under developing countries and a standard cancer hospitals were never be seen in it, but Khan placed a bed for the cancerous deteriorates on the donations. Shaukat Khanum memorialized on the unpredictable death of khan’s mother. One of the highly standardize educational institutions, NUML founded by the hands of a Imran Khan. Both institutions are being run on charity.                  

Life of a human is based on the feelings, desires, dreams, goals, and an aging circle and age dreams out, when the priorities of goals changes and Imran Khan handed over himself for that philosophy. After winning the cricket world-cup in 1992, he turned over his exercise machine for the politics of Pakistan. He realized the need to work on real issues faced by his beloved country. He implies his goals on his choice. He struggled around for two decades to achieve his dream of NayaPakistan; a best republic in the world.

Imran Khan is the statue of hope for every lackluster and a disciple politician of democracy. He has a goal to fill the gaps between the hollow bricks of Pakistan’s wall. He believes in building a real castle of democracy and he moves on it.           

Imran Khan became 22nd Prime Minister of Pakistan, working on a sound agenda of NayaPakistan.      

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