Important pillars for education

Important pillars for education

The four pillar which plays a vital role in the field of education or we can say knowledge almost rely on these four pillars of education. These pillars do emphasize a great motive over the word “EDUCATION”.

Education is the basic necessity that acknowledges us the knowledge. Thus education’s infrastructure relies upon four pillars combination and they are:

·        Learning to know

·        Learning to do

·        Learning to be

·        Learning to live together

Learning to know is the mastery of learning tool like literacy, numeracy and life skills these are the part of the education. These means a lot for every student to understanding the world around them. This pillar relates to the discovery of new thing around the student. It leads to knowledge, pleasure, and discovery or invention. For learning, one should have thinking power, memory, and concentration. The process of concentration of a single person differs from one to another. It depends upon you that what things you think are interested in. For example, if a student is focusing any career that is aimed at becoming a doctor than what subjects will they choose how much will they concentrate depends upon concentrated value. Once they start giving concentration they will get a life over it. One will observe it, focus on it, memorize it or learn it by heart which is meant to be cultivated.

Learning to do is the certified characteristic that is transferred to a student in two ways that is, one by traditionally and one is natural perspective. That is how a student first seeks the knowledge and then implements it with his own natural certified skills.

       Personal skills

·        relate to talent

·        Social training, language

·        Willingness to take risks

·        Creative and innovative activities mainstream

These make the student unique from other in numbers from which the teacher or the mentor or guardian catches the importance of a student’s ability.

Learning to live together is one the important pillar that is being taught to every person from home, school, and college. It is one of the fundamental parts of our life that is as a person we approach human and where humans are found humanity reach here. This pillar includes awareness, respect, and acceptance among people interaction, social behavior, ethics and moral values to live and behave within a society.

Learning to be referred right and responsibilities of a person whether if they are a student or a mature person. This pillar attire a perception of the aesthetic spirituality of independence rights to accommodate a person that how to live and stand the society after initializing other pillars in a row.

A student must receive in their childhood and youth, an equipped education that polishes them of being independent, and bestows thinking power in the critical way of thinking and judgment so they can make better decision and actions relying on circumstances that stand their life.

All the above points are included in the motto of education which make a commitment to the individual, producer, leader, citizen, inventor of techniques and creative dreamer.






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