Importance of slash career

“A single fixed identity is a liability today. It only makes people more vulnerable to sudden changes in economic conditions. The most successful and healthy among us now develop multiple identities, managed simultaneously, to be called upon as conditions change.” – Gail Sheehy, New Passages: Mapping Your Life across Time

The concept of slash career which once used to be perceived as seemingly unfeasible concept is now taken as an attainable and practical step towards living a successful life. The idea of flash career became more famous after the release of the book One person/ multiple careers written by Marci Albohar.

The concept of slash career can be defined as one person choosing multiple careers. There are many people who instead of relying on one job and pursuing for one career look for another one and start giving few hours of the day to their new career.

There are a number of people who adopted the concept of multiple and slash career, these people use hyphenated or slashed terms while defining their careers for example Imran Khan is a politician/social worker, Javed Chaudhary is an anchor/author in the same way Hassan Nisar in as author/analyst and Nawaz Sharif is a politician/businessman and there are many international personalities who are authors but work as a motivational speaker as well, the most famous of them are Stephen R. Covey and Nick Vujicic.

There are many people who are experts in their fields and choose teaching as a slash career. In the medical colleges there are doctors who teach and continue their medical practice as well there are musicians who teach in music schools and performs in concerts as well.

However it is hard for a person to decide how and when he can choose multiple careers. A person looking for a slash career should adopt the method of growing a slash. This method is based on adopting a small career as a slash career and growing it slowly by giving it a few hours daily and then increases the time gradually. One should treat the slash as a side project like planting a new tree in the garden.

Now the question arises that which career can be chosen as a slash career, for it one has to explore his inner strengths, weaknesses and talents for example you can choose one job on the basis of your educational background and qualification while the other on the basis of your talent.

Every person has a hidden talent some are good in writing while others are good in some painting or wood craft some are gifted with the talent of calligraphy while others are good in sketching. Some are the gifted actors while others are gifted singer. One has to search his slash career out of his hidden talents.

There are many people who have a full time job and choose freelancing as a slash career many put their ability of designing and decorating  to use and grow a slash career out of their these talents, many people choose event management as a slash career while other pursue it as a full time job.

Choosing a slash career is beneficial in many aspects, firstly it provides a person with an extra amount of income on the other hand it helps you to polish another skills of yours it also saves you from being helpless when you lose your first job because of downsizing or any other personal or professional circumstances. Sometimes a person also switch his career and convert the full time job into slash career and a slash career into a full time job as there are chances where a person earns more income from a slash career than the one in his full time job.

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