Importance of setting priorities in life

We live in an era where time runs faster than the fate and in order to cope with fast running pace of the time we often deviate from the tasks that are more significant than the others and in a rush of completing the less important task we keep ignoring the tasks which are more important for our lives.

Many a times in our life we accuse others for doing things which could be done later and ignoring things which should be done at first priority. This often happens when the opposition accuses the government for focusing on less important tasks instead of providing basic necessities to the people.

We have repeatedly heard our teachers and parents talk about the importance of performing first thing first but we very casually ignore the advice that comes our way now and then. Habit of selecting priorities makes a remarkable difference between the accomplishment of the one who selects his priorities and the one who ignores it.

A person who does not set his priorities often left tired and confuse running after a number of things at once and remained unsatisfied in the end. He is often left with a confuse state of mind and it is hard for a person to have successful future with a confuse state of mind.

Once a teacher conducted an experiment in his class to make his students understand the importance of setting priorities in life, he entered the classroom with a large transparent glass jar and a number of other items. He placed the glass jar on a table in a way that it is visible to all the students sitting in the class.

The teacher then started filling the jar with large stones till the stones reached  to the brink of the jar he then asked the students if the jar is full and the student said yes in the response to the teacher’s question, teacher smiled and took out a bag of small pebbles from under the table and started filling the same jar with those pebbles the pebbles filled in the empty spaces left between the stones, the teacher again asked the student if the jar is full and the response was same as earlier.

The teacher smiled again and took out a jar of sand and poured it into the same jar the sand filled in the empty spaces left in the jar the teacher again asked the same question and students gave the same response he then took out a bottle of milk and poured the full bottle into the jar and asked the same question and the student once again responded with the same answer.

The teacher then explained his experiment to the students he told them that the jar represents there life where milk and sand are the little things that does not matter like playing video games and spending too much time on social media, pebbles represents those things that matter like your job, your career, your means of earning while the stones refer to the important things in life like your family, you relationships, your happiness and goals all those things that money alone cannot buy and if you consume all your energy and time in running after small and less important things in life you’ll have no time and energy left for the important things in life.

The above mentioned experiment shows that the reason behind increasing rate of psychological disorders like stress and anxiety is that the larger portion of the population of the world is not satisfied with their lives even after reaching to the best of their careers because they have consumed all of their selves in running after the less important things in life and ignoring the important ones.

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