Importance of Documentaries and Films


The literature plays a crucial role in the learning and personality development of a person. We mostly misinterpret literature only with our syllabus book. Literature is a larger term that combines the history, geography, music, culture, norms etc. The novels written by famous writers a great source of learning but mostly students rely completely on the books for acquiring knowledge. The visuals play the most important role in receiving information that stays for the long time in the memory. There is another source which is mostly taken as unimportant and merely as a source of entertainment. The source is films and documentaries.

The films and documentaries are one of the biggest sources of knowledge. It not only creates the picture of the present but it is also a great source to learn about the historical events and accounts. In the developed countries films and documentaries are given due regard in academics because it is the easiest yet one of the most influential source of information. The documentaries made on current issues highlight the latest yet accurate account of the happenings. The films that are historic in nature help us analyze the past circumstances in a better way. The senses involved in watching movies and documentaries make it more accessible for you to attain knowledge. The sense of sight and listening together forms mental images that stays longer in your mind then the text book images.

There are documentaries and movies on certain topics that are worth watching for every student.

  1. Documentaries of CPEC

The China Pakistan economic corridor is the most current yet not completely clear concept for all the students. The articles and textbooks written about it create a rough image. The easily understandable documentaries can give you better and wider understanding of the topic. There are multiple beautifully constructed documentaries available on internet on this topic. All of the students must watch one or more to have understanding of how CPEC can improve Pakistan’s economic and strategic importance.

  1. The boy in Striped Pajamas

It is an amazing movie illustrating the Nazi regime and its atrocities. The movie shows the different perspectives of people during World War I and II. The surprising events of war that had caused enormous bloodshed throughout the horizon have changed the world dynamics for once and all. The movie goes along with a Christian boy who became friend with a little boy in detention center made by Adolf Hitler. The movie is an emotional approach of showing the phenomenon. The movie is a must watch for the students of history, sociology and international relations.

  1. The Kite Runner

The movie is based on the best seller book Kite Runner written by Khalid Hosseni. He is a brilliant writer who keeps the frenzy of reading until you reach the climax of the story. The movie is has the more or less the same essence. It is a beautiful movie that depicts the political dynamics and its evolution in Afghanistan and United States of America. The movie revolves around the current and past scenario of the two states. It is a must watch for all the students to understand the insight knowledge of the global events.

  1. The documentaries on middle east

The region of Middle East has a significant importance in the global image building of the world. The oil rich countries play a crucial role in suggesting the economic rise and fall. At present there is a great unrest and civil crises in the region. To develop complete understanding of the events in middle east , you must watch documentaries made on different regions of middle east such as Egypt, Yemen, Syria etc.

Watching movies in English is a not a bad habit if it is taken positively. The documentaries and movies are also rich source of vocabulary building and learning different accents of spoken English used by different countries of the world. They also help you to stay up to date with the current and latest happenings on the global scale.

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