How to Write Better Essays

By Farzeen Amin

Essay writing is an art of expressing ideas. Students mostly prepare for essay writing only for their examinations but it is a beautiful way of delivering information. You can improve your essay writing for scoring better grades by applying some simple tips. Every tip needs to be practiced for it to work.

1.Read other Essays

Every person has their unique way of writing essays. You can build an attractive writing style by reading other writers. Do not buy one book to cram the words from it. Rot learning does not work in essays. Read different authors. Read article written on diverse issues. The more you read the better you become at writing. When you read another author’s essays you can observe better techniques of writing. The sentence structure and the use of tone of speech play an important role. The learning happens automatically. The opinion section in newspaper is a great source of learning. The writers in popular newspapers have many interesting ways of deliverance that you can learn.


What words you are using to express your thoughts puts a lasting impact on the reader. Read your essay to see if it will seems impressive to you as a reader. The use of better vocabulary does not mean using complex words only. The complex words make your information sound vague. Here better vocabulary mean effective words. There is always scope of learning new words. The use of latest words shows that you have been reading good writings. Newspapers are the best source for learning better words. Moreover use thesaurus to see better alternative words to replace the reoccurring words in your essay

3.Make it your own

It is very important to understand the issue completely before you starts writing about it. Essay is not a formal writing in which you can only share the information told in a book about it but it is your point of view about the issue. Read as many articles as you can to prepare for it, build your own arguments about the issue. The argument generated by you can be portrayed in the best manner. The arguments must be based on the factual information. Tell the reader what is the main issue, why this issue exists, explain the issue and end the article with your point of view, it is must to make it your own writing. Monotonous writing patterns are boring to read where as your unique way of expressing ideas will leave better impression on the examiner


Quote the information shared by other authors and writers to start your own argument. You can either agree or disagree with them. Quotations ensure that you have done better research on the issue. The reader and examiner will be fascinated with the vast variety of information. Always give a quotation with authentic reference and citation.  Tell the reader from where have you read the information. Is it from a newspaper, a blog, an article or a book? The fore and against arguments on an issue reflects your critical analysis.

5.The sentence structure

The sentence structure that is used to expose the information is as important as the data shared. The use of voice is a one way to present information. The use of direct voice leaves more powerful impact as it creates better sense for words. You can play with sentence structures in an essay. Use different ways to deliver information to make it sound unique. Do not copy the exact sentences written in an essay book rather create your own style

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