How to Write an Impressive Essay for CSS Exam?

Essay Writing is one of the compulsory papers of CSS exam which requires right direction and guidance. This guidance is important because many aspirants despite having scholarly knowledge and proficient English language do not succeed in writing an impressive essay. The aspirants must know various tricks and clear path to produce an extraordinary essay because the competition would be too tight.

The candidates are provided with ten topics for essay from which one topic is asked to choose and produce and essay of 2500 to 3500 words. Here are the essential elements of writing an outstanding essay.

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Before starting your essay, keep in mind that essay is not a combination of irregular paragraphs but requires a proper pattern which includes introduction or background, body and a proper conclusion.

The beginning or the introduction of the essay should be appealing. As first impression is the last impression, do write an impressive opening line of the essay. Introduction consists of one or more than one paragraph depending on the topic. The opening should be so impressive that the paper checker keep on reading the paper with interest.

The body is the major and main part of your essay. It comprises of many paragraphs. You need to remember that every essay topic requires all the aspects to be discussed. You’ll get as many marks as many aspects you discuss. Every aspect should be discussed in one paragraph and the next aspect in the next paragraph. Do follow the pattern of a paragraph where the opening line of the paragraph should give the introduction of the paragraph and then the next line should give extra information about the opening line. Do not write more than one aspect in a single paragraph because it will not only make you lose your track but also ruin your image.

The conclusion of the paragraph is as important as rest of the parts because you cannot end your essay abruptly. This last part of your essay is the essence of your essay in one single paragraph.

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Expression of Thoughts and Ideas

Your essay is representation of your inner personality and your intellectual level. The essay should be based on logical, rational, convincing and accurate ideas which could impress the reader. It all depends on the way you express yourself on a certain topic. Before taking the exam, you should read good books and write at least one essay of about 3000 words every week. This practice will enable you to keep your track in the actual exam and you’ll get your vocabulary and expression very much improved.

The thoughts in your essay should have unity and synchronization. Adding facts, figures and quotations of famous writers make your essay more comprehensive and meaningful for the reader. The ideas should not be repeated in the essay. Once you’re done with one idea, move on to the next and avoid repetition. Unnecessary explanation is also required to be avoided because writing extra information just to lengthen your essay will put a negative impression.

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Construct and Outline

Use the back side of your paper to construct the outline and the ideas which you’re about to discuss. An inverted pyramid can be helpful for this because this pyramid will allow you to narrow down your ideas and stay on the track. You can give numbers to the ideas you’re about to discuss. This outline is helpful in not forgetting the aspect which you need to discuss and you will finish your essay in more effective way.

The Language

The diction you use in your essay matters a lot. Here is one point to remember that prolonging your essay unnecessarily will increase the chances of the mistakes and you’ll end up losing your marks. The essay is the test of not only your thoughts and intellectual level but also your English Language proficiency. Avoid making any grammatical mistakes because it will ruin your essay despite having impressive thoughts. You should also avoid using common and informal words. The more attractive your English is, the more you'll be able to produce an extraordinary essay. 

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