How to Write an Assignment

by Farzeen Amin

Writing an assignment might seem easy but when you start writing it, you face a lot of difficulties. Your assignments fail to impress your teachers resulting in bad grades. Making an assignment is a systematic process which must be done step by step. Here are the steps for writing an assignment.

  1. Plan

When you are assigned with a topic the first thing to do is to plan about it. Create a road map of your tasks. Make a list of your tasks and follow the work in a proper order. Do not go haphazard while preparing to write an assignment it will confuse you and your work will not be efficient. Make a deadline for each task and complete it anyhow before the last date.

  1. Analyze the question

It is very important to create an understanding of the topic you are about to right your assignment about. Analyze what is being asked in the question of your assignment. Divide the topic in sub topics for better understanding. Start with the basic topic and then carry it onwards. Do not add unnecessary information in it.

  1. Research

Find the related information for your topic. Start your research with the general topic. Note the points that are related to your main topic, research about the sub topics after it. You must research the topic thoroughly. It is important to research from the authentic sources. Give reference of the information source. It is better to read authentic articles from recognized magazines and international website. Make a habit of going to library. Research from the books, the information you gather through the books is very authentic. Don’t forget to make references.

  1. Writing

The assignments follow a formal pattern. They are written in an academic language where the selection of words, grammar and sentence structure are to be used very carefully. Moreover the content shared through assignments has to be authentic. It is important not to copy and paste the information. Rephrase the information you have research about your topic very carefully. The plagiarism in your content can cause the reduction in marks it can also cause rejection.

  1. Edit and proof read

In the end, go through the whole assignment very carefully. Read every line and correct the mistakes. Check every spelling. In the end edit the unnecessary words and over writings

  1. Put the Assignment in order

The last step is to put your information in a formal order. Starting from the title page, acknowledgement, table of content, introduction of topic, explanation of issues, details of sub topics and in the end you have to mention references and bibliography.

Assignment writing looks like a tough job but if you go step by step and complete every task before deadlines it becomes easier. Assignments allow you to explore an issue through all aspects. It also provides you exposure of formal writing and formal writing patterns.



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