How to turn your obstacles into opportunity

Many a times in our life we miss out on our opportunity because of our unawareness of its existence or because of our failure to identify it many a times we let ourselves to be surrounded by blinding hopelessness which never let us open our eyes towards opportunities.
However it’s always in a person’s hand to come out of the hopelessness and see another side of life which is much brighter and source full, and learn to be thankful for what he has instead of being angry on what he does not have. A person who wants to see his opportunity should convince himself to see his woes as doors and convert his obstacles into opportunity.
Many of us keep singing the blues after coming out of a failure because of our ignorance to the fact that sometimes opportunity comes to us wrapped in a problem like a blessing in disguise to overcome this ignorance we will have to change our behavior towards a problem and the way we perceive it we will have to stop taking a problem as a problem but as a challenge through which we can test our own strength and ability to come out of it and open ways for opportunity.
There are certain attributes which helps a person to see the opportunity when it presents itself to him. There are two kinds of opportunities. Opportunities that we create and opportunities that are around us to see both these opportunities one has develop certain qualities in him.
These qualities includes curiosity a curious person is always in search of answers he has an ability to view things deeply and analyze a situation beyond how it looks at present moreover a person who is seeking for an opportunity has to be generous as generosity opens doors towards opportunity, a person who is willing to give opportunities to others and share his own opportunities with others  is more  likely to come across an opportunity then a person who is mean and has a selfish approach towards life.
Along with the above mentioned qualities a person desires to see opportunity should have patience to let an opportunity unfolds itself to him with time instead of giving up on it in the beginning except for that an opportunist have to take complete charge of himself he has to be responsible enough to accept his mistakes so that he can find a way to fix it and analyze factor which lead him to make the mistake at first place, he also has to be creative and playful with his capabilities and should be courageous enough to  take risks and think out of the box but above all an opportunist must have faith in himself and his capabilities as confidence is the key to success.
Many of us let an opportunity slips from our hands because of our failure to see an opportunity as an opportunity, a person wishing to see an opportunity must be aware of a few things like he should have an understanding of what kind of opportunity he is looking for or what he desires to achieve after availing the particular opportunity or what would be his first step when will find a right opportunity for himself. He also has to be aware of the factors which are sabotaging him to see his opportunity so that he can take right steps to deal with them.
Opportunities are keys to the door of success the sooner we identify them sooner we become successful, the sooner we learn to identify them the sooner we will be on our roads to brighter future all we have to do is to open our eyes towards them and to develop a quality of taking chances and risks within ourselves as it is almost impossible for a fearful person to achieve his goals as a wise person has once said;
“Standing for something is better than winning because if you won’t stand you won’t win”.

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