How to start freelancing?

Ameer Shah

The question of starting freelancing is an important yet largely unanswered one because there are so many ways to begin freelancing that pointing at the one best one is nearly impossibly but not quite there, so this article is an attempt at telling you what should be your goto and most effective way of starting freelancing.


Niche to choose

It’s hard for most people to choose a niche that they want to be compliant with, because of there being so many options, for instance, you can choose to be writer, web designer, web developer, software developer, game developer, blockchain adviser or graphic designer. Choosing a niche depends on what you are passionate about, and you should only choose your passion because freelancing is a tiring job that would require you to invest a considerable amount of time. This is probably the hardest decision to make while starting freelancing.


Learning a succinct skillset

One must have a succinct, complete and applicable skillset to find work, for example, a web developer must be a full stack one while also knowing web design because no one really wants a website that is technically well developed but looks too bad to be put on actual display for their product. For instance, if you are a writer you must know the use of a computer, have a good grasp on the language of your choice, have good typing speed and must know the art of writing. The same can be said about virtually any service but the key takeaway here is to complete your skillset before jumping into professional work as you might find yourself lost.


The language barrier

The language barrier is a serious issue for freelancers in developing countries like Pakistan as many people here tend not to know English meanwhile in the rest of the world it’s an essential and intermediate format of conversation for most people by being their second or first language. It was popularized due to many factors but that’s irrelevant because it is now popularized in the mainstream culture. If you know English and want to reach even more clients more languages can certainly help because people who don’t know English but you know their native language can talk to you for business.


Sites to work on

Freelancing has historically been done locally but relatively recently with the spike of the internet, many websites has risen for freelancers such as Fiverr, Upwork, and freelance. These websites are mainly targeted for clients to find professionals and for professionals to find work with the help of the internet. Although the choice of sites has become broader people still work locally and that’s hasn’t become less effective, because the clients who like their work to be done locally will come to you as they have limited choices but that depends largely on your geographic location but developing countries have more people finding work locally while the same cannot be said about developed countries.



Even if you have all the required skills for being a freelancer, you would still most certainly struggle but that’s not a reason to fear but to enhance your skillset. Skills are not born but the developer and you are their developers. So, develop them as well as you can to get yourself paid.

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